1924 Should probably be our Premiership


The strangest of all Premiership seasons, barring the seasons where the home and away champion got to challenge in a Grand Final if it lost a preliminary game. In 1924 they decided to have a round robin to decide the premier, the final four was Essendon 11.5 wins, South 11 wins, Fitzroy 10 wins and Richmond 10 wins. Essendon as minor premiers did have the right to challenge the round robin winner. Week 1 Ess 58 d Fitz 18 & Rich 85 d South 57 Week 2 Fitz 76 d Rich 56 & Ess 72 d South 39 Week 3 Rich 67 d Ess 47 & South 86 d Fitz 73

The table for the final series was, Essendon 2wins 142.7% Richmond 2 wins 115.5% Fitzroy 1 win 83.5% South 1 win 79.1

So we lost the premiership even thou we did beat Essendon by percentage!! Perhaps logically if 2 teams were level on wins the count back should have been on who won the game in which they both played. Then under the prevailing system Essendon would then have had the right to challenge in a Grand Final game.


I reckon 1916 was the strangest. Fitzroy got the wooden spoon and were premiers.

Only 4 teams due to WWI. Fitzroy finished 4th and then won their 3 finals.


From memory they got an influx of new players, soldiers home on leave etc. Our 1st finals appearance, lost the 2nd Semi to Carlton by 3pts 72-75 Carlton finished top with 10 wins, then Collingwood with 6, Richmond 5 & Fitzroy with 2. The Semi finals were 1st V 3rd and 2nd V 4th, so the Tigers & Pies knocked out, then the Lions beat the Blues twice by 23 & 29pts to win the flag…


Yeah see I’ve been saying this for years…:flushed: