OK I waited for someone to start this thread. But I cannot wait any longer.

So far this finals season I thought we would beat Geelong and then thought we would be too strong for GWS. It is a strange feeling being confident in finals.

This weekend I am again strangely confident we will play our hearts out for 4 quarters. I am also confident that we have improved since our round 6 loss and made small improvements to the game plan. On top of this quite a number of players have grown and improved within themselves.

As long as Cotchin plays we are in this game up to our necks.

Most of all I am confident we are going to enjoy this week.


Just checked the list we’ve missed out in the ballot… Any thoughts on alternatives? How much are these bastard corporate tickets and how hard/easy to obtain? Like TBR I’d like to have my 2 daughters with me, it’s going to cost a fortune! :frowning:


Well, I have to eat humble pie, but what an enjoyable pie it is. I predicted we finish bottom 4, more specifically bottom 2. So how wrong was I. Was it justified? I believe so, at the time. I didn’t know Hardwick would completely dismantle his game plan, stop running away from the ball carrier. Turn the game into a run and tackle, pressure, pressure, pressure. I shake my head, as when I line up our team against quality opposition, I question our man power. Sure we have Dusty, Trent, Alex, Jack but they can’t do it alone. Yet even when these guys are down on their super best we find a way. It is a performance that is truly incredulous. And to think we have a bloke named Graham who is looking like the next Dusty, coming on.And then there is Rioli. Adelaide, beat us by more than ten goals, albeit in Adelaide. Can we turn that around? Lynch,Jenkins, Jacobs and Walker, will they make us look too small.? I am stunned by the performance of our blokes and can’t work out how they do it. One thing for sure they are so much better than I ever give them credit for. As I said in a previous post, if it wasn’t for Jeremy Cameron and Mundy, we would have finished top of the ladder, so we probably are the best team in the comp, so at the G, with a full house, we have a real chance. But what ever happens, I am proud of this mob and what they have achieved this year. Thanks Cotch, for going to Lids after the game. A fine gesture from a great captain. And Oracle, you are a legend!


So happy for the team. Well deserved, they can win. GO TIGERS



It hasn’t been confirmed yet.


confirmed!!! <3 TIGER TIME!!





I am so pleased the AFL dealt with the matter swiftly.


Was never going to be guilty none of the 3 were


That’s great news Cotch I mean, all the dickheads out there on facebook predicting the worst were wrong, and Mark Robinson, time to retire mate, you say too much too soon. I noticed that the last time the Crows played at the G, and this is from records not memory, they had a very lucky draw with Collingwood, and were completely outplayed, it was only the Pies inaccuracy that allowed them in. Also, away from home they were thumped by North Melbourne, were also towelled by Melbourne and more recently beaten by the Eagles in Perth. So, their away record isn’t fantastic. We are in with a real chance. Time to walk on water, become the true Lazariathons, turn the water into yellow and black wine, turn the Crows into Doves. Go Tiges, tooooot toooooooooooot.


Garry Lyon. Time to retire from media. Full credit to Craig Hutchison on Footy Classified. He said it was “commonsense” that Cotchin should play.


I can’t see how he gets off that in any other week of the season…but not gonna worry a lick about it now.

Let’s do this Tiges.


I saw the weather forecast. Conditions should be fine. Good for the cubs.


Wow - I’ve slagged off at MRP before and this is the second time they have surprised me , credit to them , I’ll quietly eat some humble pie

So wrapped , the boys owe us nothing , they have exceeded expectations massively , this is a free hit

The opposition have disposed off GWS and Geelong in far easier fashion than we did during the finals , and as shown all year if Adelaide get players out the back of out the side of your zone they shred you , in much same manneraas GWS did a few times on Sat.

What is important to is Adelaide won’t have a passenger The stars aligned for us and GWS had their hand somewhat forced to pick Stevie J, a great player but at the end of his career and not fully fit he struggled , I can’t point to an Adelaide player who is similar

Not to mind, we will try similar tactics , wear them down and hope Dusty can inject himself into the game at critical times , we can do it but this opposition is another mini step again


That’s a shame, what level of membership are you Crusher?

I may be able to help but I won’t know until later in the week.


Grand Final decisions.


The beauty of it is the fact that Adelaide are the favourites, as Damien says, we are the underdogs. All of the pressure, all of the expectation, is imposed upon Adelaide. They have everything to lose, we have nothing to lose. The WB had no expectations, not a single commentator gave them credit, in the lead-up to last year.


I’m Platinum, daughters are both Gold, in more ways than one. :slight_smile: