So one could assume it is all about him and him only.


I had that same feeling and also the fact he had only spoken to Grigg and couldn’t bring himself to even text his other mates…selfish!!!


Lids was too distraught to watch the match. http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/brett-deledio-yet-to-watch-richmond-tigers-grand-final-win-20171018-gz3rje.html


It’s all a bit tragic for Lids.

The biggest tragedy is he missed out on playing in a premiership team. The impression I get is it didn’t matter who with in the end, but his money was on Geelong or GWS, they were his 2 options to leave. Well that didn’t end well for him, although financially he got a 3 year deal from GWS.

Also significant is his legacy at Richmond. The Richmond can’t win without Deledio legend has been well and truly busted in the most spectacular fashion possible, we won a premiership as soon as he left.


Look, and I’m astounded I’m replying to this on a forum populated by seemingly intelligent adults, Kevin Sheedy made the 1999 Bombers team that lost the prelim to Carlton GO to the GF as PUNISHMENT. What does that tell you? I don’t how many players I’d heard say they’d never been to a GF despite the fact that every player in the league gets at least 2 tickets. What does that tell you?

Cotch running 150m to Lids at the final siren of the prelim tells you everything you need to know about both men.

Save us the keyboard righteousness.


Brett is one of my favorite ever tigers so I do feel a bit sorry for him but even if he had stayed, would he have earned a spot in our GF side? He played fairly poorly in his few games with GWS. Hopefully he gets back to his best next season.


His best is long gone. Big tick to the list management team…hurts me to say it but it’s true. And our forward line wouldn’t have been as dynamic with him in it from round 17 onwards…strange to say that, but I believe it to be true. GWS got it right playing him loose in defence against WCE but he was ineffective against us until the game was gone.

It really was an excellent trade for RFC…as it turned out.


Yep, great call by the club. It’s still hard to believe that up until this year we couldn’t win a game without him in our side, then we trade him out and don’t even replace him with anyone, and win the flag. Ridiculous.


In 2005 and then again after the 2008 grand final my Hawthorn supporting mate stared we would not win a grand final until Lids was gone from the side.

His rational (well founded) was that we were so poor back then we needed many years of change to get the 11th premiership.

He reminded me about that the other day.

Also reminded me that we had a bet in 2008 that Richmond would win more grand finals than Hawthorn from 2009 to 2020.

I still have a chance :slight_smile:


Love your passion Vinesy, it’s all through these posts and not just from you. That win means so much to so many people. Caught up with my mate today who tripped down to Melbourne with me for THAT weekend. Just looked at him and we both smiled the unspoken language of “How bloody good was that!” Never have I seen pure joy like what I saw at Punt Road and Swan street after the game. It was like 50 000 people all having their own bucks or hens night simultaneously. Pure joy and it was just bloody terrific!

A wise man once said 'buy experiences, not things, because the experiences become part of who you are". Every time I reflect on being amongst all of THAT, I remember and I smile. Unreal!


I guess it just depends on how you view his departure ?

If he’d upped and said ‘see ya later , I’m outta here’ then I’d be laughing at the fact that he missed out on a premiership but I’m far from convinced that was the case.

He played 200 odd games for us where he , along with a couple of others , carried the rest of the team.

As for him not watching it or contacting former teammates to congratulate them ? Well I totally understand that.

I definitely wouldn’t have watched it if I were him.

It’d be like winning 100 grand on a horse but then losing on protest and saying ‘I might just have a look at the replay to see why the protest was upheld’

Not on your life !

And I’m sure he’ll congratulate his friends when he catches up with them at his good mate’s wedding down in Vine Dieman’s Land in the coming weeks.


I bet a mate in high school after the 04’ season (tigers finished 16th, hawks 15th) $50 that tigers would win a flag first :oops:


some will be surprised he’s invited


Just watching the game for the eighth time at the moment.

Graham has just kicked his third goal. I think we’re going to push on and win from here.


Yep. It’s over. Butler just put us 46 up!!


Bad luck for Lids, he was a good player for a long while for us. Hard to swallow? Maybe, but if that’s the greatest tragedy to befall hm in life, he’s had a good run.

On to more important things. I have a mangy green door that leads into our back lane. It has needed painting for 15 years.

I am thinking to sand it and paint it Tiger jumper style. Kids love the idea, wife thinks I’m being a bogon.

What’s the verdict - is it too late to add such a fine adornment to the gentrified area of St Kilda West?




If Molly Meldrum can paint his front fence in Richmond and Storm colours, I don’t see why not :wink:


Seen it in Elsternwick.

Also saw a house in deepest Brighton where the bluestone cladding had a yellow wash sash, with the big yellow 4 on the front door.

I’m thinking of putting up a flag pole and flying a premiership flag.


House in Cressy (rural northern midlands Tassie) has the flag, yellow and black brick fence, paraphernalia in the windows but most impressively has adorned the power pole out the front with yellow and black + flag. Best thing is, it’s the first house as you drive into the town from the north.