Some unbelievably harsh stuff at Deledio here.

As for the not quite sinking in/feeling real stuff, let me pose a theory.

In most cases I think supporters expect a premiership to be an amazing wave of elation, but the reality is only the players and coach actually feel that extra special something, the rest of us just really enjoy it.

In a lot of cases I think it is that the flag didn’t quite feel as great as expected.


I’m not sure how you measure joy - but if you figure it out I’m pretty sure you will have found my levels as high or higher than many players when the final siren blew.


Yeah Nah.

I watched a bit of the GWS final again today, and after we won that final Richo couldn’t believe we’d made the GF. He is a good representative of Richmond supporters, I know I certainly was in disbelief we’d made the Grand Final.

Ok, so after our dismal 2016, Heaven knows how we made the Grand Final…I was having enough trouble processing that we made the GF, then to go one further and win it and become reigning PREMIERS!!!.

WTF…get out of here…no way…did we?

I still have trouble believing it, but am riding an amazing wave of elation :cool:


Yeah me too.

I watched all three finals back to back the other day when my wife and kids were out…it was a bloody tidal wave of elation.

Don’t reckon there looked like many people on Swan Street struggling with the elation side of things…


I saw the premiership trophy on Friday at Punt Road. It is an amazing feeling. It has been 37 years since I last saw a premiership, and to be honest, at times it felt like I would never see another one. The memberships we pay for support the club, so we are all part of it. Without the fans, the club does not exist. To see Brendon Gale sobbing on television was quite moving. (Bruce McAvaney’s commentary, “That’s the team you love”, was quite subtle and powerful too.) The club is Brendon’s life, and part of ours too.


Seen it, pinched it, spent it.

Will post a photo.


I think we owe a lot to Deledio. Sad he missed the BIG ONE - but thats how the cookie crumbled. Deledio played 200+ games of high quality football and still gave us a first round draft pick when he moved clubs. That’s a lot better than the other elite youngsters from the 2004 draft (Polo, Pattison, Myers).


Says more about Cotch than it does Lids. Actually no it doesn’t. Keyboard righteousness? It might be via keyboard but haven’t heard/seen many who didn’t think it strange/weird. Loved the quote from Nick R in an interview yesterday.Yes he went to the GF. Yes he felt hollow as he will never win a GF, but he felt elated and happy for Jack.



Also pertinent to remember that Deledio didn’t initially want to leave but reacted to being shopped around in the same way Caddy did.

Seems quite understandable that he wouldn’t be comfortable having much to do with the grand final.


And we are back to earth


Interview with Nick Riewoldt in the Good Weekend, “Upfront”, written by Konrad Marshall. Nick refers to the Grand Final, he was in a “victory” lap of former players. He expresses his best wishes for Jack’s success, but obviously feels the pain of never playing in a premiership. Deledio had a terrible year with injury, we should not be judgemental. He said before the final series began it was his worst year as a player.


Is there a deliberate omission there - or a subconscious repression?


The omission / subconscious repression was a reasonable player, helped get Federal Gov’t funding for the Punt Road Oval redevelopment and then got us a first and a third round ND pick from Adelaide. :wink:


Out of curiosity do you remember who we used them on ?


We got an emd of first round compo pick that could be used anytime in the next few years (after 2010) plus pick 51 which we drafted McDonald.

We then traded the compo pick for a pick in the 2011 second round we used on Elton and a second round compo pick which could be used that year or the next.

We chose to use it in 2012 and selected McIntosh


Cant see Cotch sprinting 150m to console Vickery if we beat the Hawks in the GF (it’s a hypothetical so Vickery is playing seniors okay…)

Maybe, just maybe (as I roll my eyes) Lids has a heavy heart and wanted desperately to be part of that historic Tiger flag given he’d given so much to the club’s fan base that seems to have so quickly forgotten that immense contribution. But not by me.


Deledio was a servant of the club in the lean times and should be respected for that contribution. The ending of the preliminary final was emotional all round. It is first time I have ever seen Jack Riewoldt crying. Normally, he celebrates a victory with an air of defiant jubilation. GWS are not far away from success. They need to develop a cohesive team culture. I saw Wayne Campbell at the Grand Final and he stayed for post-match celebrations in the evening, absorbing the atmosphere.


Well said. Tambling was much better than Polo, Myes and Pattison. Under the present support coaching staff he’s probably be better.


Yeah not sure where the Lids hate is coming from tbh. Most uncharacteristic of a few on here too. Strange.

Still love Lids. It’s clear he is still a Tiger at heart and always will be.


Still a Tiger fan too!