It’s not strange. Some people just love being nasty on social media. I’ve been a bit disappointed with a few y&b members too. Deledio - just like Matthew Richardson, gave the lean years some glimmer of hope. Gun footballer.


Yes - very disappointed with the level of booing for Lids at the prelim. I have a fair suspicion a good chunk of that crowd missed a large portion of Lids work over a long career, as they blew in to the fairytale end of our season and hiatus.

More likely the fair weather type supporters who give us the bad name.


That’s a long bow to draw, Project, but I get where you’re coming from.

Lids was our talisman, certainly, post Richo, but he never had the cache of the big number 12. I don’t think many people came through the gate to watch him do his thing off the half back line.

Regardless, he was a fine player who gave great service to footy club. He should be respected for that, not vilified.

Anyway, isn’t this the GF thread? This side topic has run it’s race I believe.


The race should never have been started


There is no hate only puzzlement at an uncharacteristic reaction. No puzzlement at some reactions here though.


Happy to get this back OT: Anyone know what Butler was doing in the last quarter when Castagna knocked a ground ball back towards him and he did a little fluffy toe poke at it??? And while we’re at it, anyone know why he didn’t belt the ball forward to Lambert in the third quarter when he bolted through the middle of the ground and took a bounce as soon as he saw Douglas running towards him???


My guess is he was very excited about shortly becoming a premiership player -and was perhaps a little distracted.

I forgive him.


He thought he saw Lids deep in the…:rolleyes:.


Castagna has problems with clean possession of the ball. He gets to the contest and flys for marks but he continually leaves the ball on the ground. If he can start gaining first grab possession he will improve out of sight.

Butler can get the ball at first go but then has these brain fades as if he is confused on what to do. The example you guys are talking about he ran about 25 meters before attempting the bounce. Could have been pinged for too far. Anyway seems his leg speed outruns how quick his decision making ability at the moment.

Love to see both of them improve in both areas.

Freaky thing is Castagna has just turned 21 and played just 30 games

Bulter is also just 21 and played just 23 games

Plenty of time for them to work on their games. Imagine if they do improve markedly?

Love being premiers and with kids who can only get better.


I watched the 2nd half again the other night :stuck_out_tongue: and these both stuck out to me. It’s nothing new for Butler, he desperately lacks awareness and runs into trouble far too often.

I can see Bolton and/or Stengle taking his spot next season. He has the lowest ceiling of all our plethora of small forwards. Castagnas disposal is woeful though, he’ll need to tidy that up to keep his spot too.



He does that a lot actually and generally I like it coz it keeps the ball heading in our direction and it remains a hot ball.

He toe-poked the ball , soccer style , up into his hands during the last qtr which was a bit freaky…but he fumbled it !

Funny you should mention that piece of play coz during one of my many GF viewings , I thought that moment in the game was symbolic of just how far we’ve progressed in 12 months.

Reason I say that is coz it stood out like the proverbial as being the only glaring , decision-making mistake that any Tiger player made for entire game.

Really good teams don’t make many decision based errors.

Wheras that type of decision-making howler from Butler has happened 20 times per game for the past 30 years at Richmond.


Out go talls in Griffiths and Vickery. In come Butler and Castagna. High Octane pressure as a result. We then win a Premiership. Like them or not Gracie, these two were BIG factors in ending a 37 year (and counting) Premiership drought. Don’t take this personally - but are you finding it difficult adjusting to now following a Premiership team? First Deledio bashing, now this? If Butler and Castagna weren’t on the current playing list we’d be entering a 38th year without a Premiership. They are not perfect, but they bought into a game plan and carried out the script. Bolton wasn’t ready in 2017 just Rioli wasn’t ready in 2016.


Can’t answer for Gracie - but hell yes I am. I’m in the twilight zone here - trade and draft are usually my most vocal posting periods - I get to voice my opinion on how bad are recruiters are, how bad the coaches are, how bad the bottom 15 or so in the senior team are.

This year - nada! Nothing I can say. Dimma and the boys have taken away my voice - now I just sit comfortably numb waiting for their next trick.

No shit - this is taking a lot to get my head around.


Another key thing I noticed was Rioli was ignored inside 50 quite often despite being in really good positions. That will happen to small forwards/young players, and he’s both. In the prelim he got the rewards, but in the GF he had to work a lot harder for little (personal) reward. The best thing about him is, he doesn’t often stop working hard and as he gets older he will demand more footy being directed at him.

We’ve got a ripper there.


A bit over the top @PROjECT

Firstly not sure where I have been bashing Deledio. The only comment I made on him was about his statement about not having watched the grand final nor contacted any of his former teammates smacked of me me me. Just an observation on my part. If one slightly negative post is classified as “bashing” then guilty.

And that brings us to Castagna and Butler. You conveniently edited my post in the quote taking out this bit

No where did I say either Castagna and Butler need to be removed from the team.

But just because they are premiership players doesn’t quarantine them from discussion on where they can improve. Castagna especially can go to a higher level just by getting control of the ball. He gets to so many contests. Could be a star if he does.


If Castagna was cleaner he’d have an amazing highlights package. He dropped mark of the year in the QF or was it the prelim??? Forward pocket, city end, GSS side of the ground.

When Cotch goes near the ball he’s clean as a whistle, Dusty is clean, Prestia is clean - they rarely fumble or second grab at ground balls. The difference between top ten draft picks and superstars, vs rookie listed players and fringe players I guess.

The good thing is, it’s a facet of Castagna’s game that can be trained.


And that is what I am saying. Gets clean possession more often he becomes a genuine star and an even bigger head ache for opposition teams.


Castagna will be a cracker and will improve hugely Butler im not sure about but def needs to learn more tricks


*'There is no pain we are The Premiers.

And there’s another one on the horizon.

The Tiges are storming forward in waves.

The Army so loud that I can’t hear what you’re saying.

I have become…comfortably numb.’*