The Herald Sun journo who snapped the pic that was in today’s paper showing the exact moment that Dusty fended off that Crow player to the face , should be awarded ‘sporting photograph of the year’

Brilliant timing , brilliant pic that is now laminated and pinned to the wall next to my work pc.

If anyone can find it and post it I would be most appreciative.

The look on the hapless crow player’s face ( while Dusty’s hand is all over it lol ) is priceless !


Sorry. There will be even greater competition in 2018 for a small forward role. Bolton could have a break out year, and Naish (how fast is he?) should add depth. Stengle (not sure of his name) will only be better.


And hopefully that competition for spots drives everyone to the best.

Ideally we have a surplus and we keep the best ones and trade out guys for draft picks and we continue to re generate our list and keep it at the top of the tree.


Just watched the Prelim & GF highlights again with tears streaming down my face. What an unbelievable ride. This is what being a passionate supporter is all about. You have to endure the seemingly never ending lows to appreciate the exhilirating highs.

WE ARE PREMIERS…can u believe it !!!

Never a frown…


Oracle, sash 17.


Its good that in theory isnt it but I think the best comes from a team where the majority feel like they are a family and a team and even getting rid of a guy we think might be borderline might upset the dynamic of the club. Im happy Miles, Lloyd and Lennon have stayed it shows they are a close knit bunch and most good footy clubs with successful periods show its a good team enviroment over what talent is actually there. There is going to be the occasional one who I think wont get a look in at senior level these days like Batchelor unless 2-3 blokes went down. I think while the boys are playing like they did this year with the freedom they have ( stay not coaching Damien ) try keep them together as much as possible to let it ride


Funny 'cause I see it in reverse. Butler will be v v good, Castagna needs more tricks.


we shall see, I think Castagna can play quite a few roles where I think Butler is limited, hopefully both feel this preseason that they try other things to improve their games and output.


What do you mean “in theory”?

No theory about it. It will happen.

Have a look at the list and bear in mind the two mechanisms that force us to shed players ie 1) we are required to make a minimum of 3 mandatory changes to the list and 2) the TPP

Outside of the 22 who played in the GF we have: Lennon, Batchelor, Short, Hampson, Griffiths, Miles, Lloyd, Conca, Markov, C Ellis and Menadue all of whom have AFL experience and in fact those 11 average a tick under 52 AFL games each. An argument can be made for most of them to get regular games at other AFL clubs.

The club did not push for trades this year but watch us go next trade period. There will be two of three traded out next year, and I am including all players on the list here.


I reckon they’ve both got good tricks, Castagna’s are in the air and in tighter, whereas Butler’s are speed in the open (despite his brain fade in the 3rd qtr of the GF) and around goals. Both chase and tackle and harass like maniacs…


How good is Kane Lambert? Imagine if he improves another 10-20%??? Holy flappin batwings!


11 times now, never headed after Graham’s first goal with 4mins to go in the 2nd! :slight_smile:


Saw a video of an American Sports show which discussed the AFL Grand Final.

They highlighted that Graham Goal as well as his next.

Even the Yanks can see the talent


Here it is:



I had the epiphany this morning about why I (and probably everyone else) have trouble believing we are Premiers. It’s because for 36 years we have been regular chokers. We always expect our side to choke. Every game this season was one where we “hoped” to win, and often after several quarters of heart palpitations we usually did. And I expected all finals would be close arm-wrestle games, and “hopefully” with our guys not choking. Bruce McAvaney’s words “it’s not just the win, it’s the quality of the win” are still ringing in my ears, we are chokers no more.


I just got tingly and teary again watching that…

RARRRRRRRR! Ms Tantie. xox


Yeh and we had a dream run with injuries this year which isn’t likely to happen again in a hurry , so all those lads know that they’re only an injury or two away from getting a good crack at it.

Just gotta make the most of it when they inevitably get their chance , ala Jacob Townsend.

Spot on.


And there’s little danger of him , or any of our other emerging mids copping heavy opposition attention while we have our two superstar mids out on the park.

Can’t tag 'em all :slight_smile:


Dion Prestia is a key player too. He takes all of 30 seconds to gather the ball in the centre, and spear the pass directly to DM who marks on the chest, in the second quarter. Prestia is an extremely damaging precise kick, splitting opposition ranks. Full credit to the fitness staff for his rehabilitation too.


If you want to read some more Richmond adulation, check out the Port Adelaide forum Grand Final thread.

It’s a classic, starting a week before the game. The early gist was a resigning consensus of Adelaide dead certainties to win, only question was by how far, most tipped 50+ points.

Then when the game starts, the two late first 1/4 goals to Adelaide resulted in comments of “game over”

As Richmond slowly got into the game, then started to dominate, it is amusing how the defeatist frame gradually morphed to “Come on Tigers” to “I can’t believe what I’m seeing” to eventual all out celebrations.

Thought I was reading a Richmond forum. Only difference was their massive hostility to the Adelaide “spuds” :smiley: