Was that on Big Footy or separate forum?


Yes on Big Footy.


Great photograph of Dane Swan and Dustin on vacation in Malibu on Instagram. I remember the first time I saw Dustin. It was the pre-season match versus Collingwood at Princes Park in 2010 (?). I knew Dustin had been drafted but I had not seen him play. Brendon Gale was seated nearby. I sat near Dustin in the stand and even then he had an aura, a presence almost like a force-field, we see on the field these days. Hopefully, he received advice from Dane to stay the course at RFC.


From said forum:


And this … :smiley:

The Haka that was done on “Red Faces” years ago - the “Old MacDonald had a farm” one would have been more intimidating.


Is it possible that were were Port fans happier than us?! These guys are great fun!:stuck_out_tongue:

Every Port supporter going to work this morning:


7:44 remaining in 1st qtr- Castagna the Clean : ]


It’s the number!:wink:


Don’t leave me hanging like that Andi !

23 ?

Your age ? …number of husbands ?..number of tequila shots you had after we won the flag ? All three maybe ?

Spill it or I won’t be able to sleep tonite.



Think she’s referring to the red headed one or she’s a closet Dermie fan


You’ve got me …it was tequila shots (I think). Caught up with former #23 J D Medal winner at the B&F lovefest at Crown. :slight_smile:


now, if our guys had replied with that, that would have been funny.


Oracle, I now see the relevance of 17 in your monica, I thought it was Dyers number but I now realise it was your forecast of the year we began our premiership run. Better be 18Sash next season.


I wrote two years ago we would win the 2017 premiership. It is the 50th anniversary of the 1967 premiership, the first of four in eight years. Second, Jack Dyer, the heart and soul of Richmond, wore guernsey No. 17. The question is: can we emulate the success of the 1967-1974 era? We need three in seven years. Brendon Gale’s prediction of a dynasty was ridiculed at the time, but the shiftless apathetic critics should eat humble pie, or humble crow! :smiley:


It has been an interesting eight-year journey. Brendon Gale’s first full season as CEO was 2010, taking the reins in late 2009. Senior coach Damien Hardwick and a promising young player by the name of Dustin Martin began their careers in 2010. :smiley:


There is nothing worse than a sore losing crow…

…well maybe a crowing 17 sash


Reading now. It is exactly like reading Richmond forum except for the darksiders

Anyways had to laugh at this:



and this


Or the story of all the Crow supporting households being quiet and all the cheering coming from the Port supporting households.

Man their dislike for eachover is brutal


Correct prediction