Even better was reading the odd Tiger that jumped on the Adelaide board and ‘politely’ suggested reasons why they lost the GF…talk about poking the bear.


Ha ! :smiley:

Aww geez ! face palms himself

My apologies , how did I miss that ?

I noticed he was sitting with Benny and Peggy during the Grand Final.

Fair effort by Dan to smooth into the GF with the two RFC head honchos.

What’s he up to these days Andi ? The sky was the limit for that lad in life after footy.


Caroline Wilson has written a great article on Nick Riewoldt in The Age, with reference to Grand Finals, past and present. Riewoldt was apparently beset by anxiety attacks, but rose above to become a great sportsman. He stayed for the Grand Final, but not for the celebrations to see Jack as a short-lived rock star! The article says Jack’s wedding takes place soon in Tasmania.


I was never arrogant, or crowing, Gracie. However, the fact remains, I did predict the 2017 premiership, two years ago. I actually did a visualisation of Damien and Trent on the victory dais, lifting aloft the premiership trophy! :smiley: Humility is the key. We can only a establish a premiership dynasty through humility. Like Dane Swan says, to learn the lesson of Collingwood’s arrogance in 2011. Other teams will try to pick us off and unpack our strategy, no doubt. (For example, Essendon has already started pre-season with the hunger to succeed.) We need to renew the hunger.


I just visualised you visualising that with Bruce commentating it Sashley , and suddenly I had to think of England for a bit.


If it is a fact, please provide the proof. Otherwise, this is simply fake news that fails the fact checker.


I devised the marketing campaign, “17Dream”, which I published on this website, two years previously. (I recall receiving some ridicule at the time from sedentary critics.) :smiley: Every day, for two years I did the visualisation practice. Furthermore, the entire team does meditation. Dustin Martin left the Norm Smith medal in the care of Will Murray, the son of the meditation teacher.


I can verify it to be true, insanely true. Fatchecker.


Critics that don’t do enough exercise are the worst kind!


Just heard Foxtel are have a “Tiger-thon” starting Friday. Four days straight of Richmond stuff. Adjust your diaries :smiley:


Robbo springs to mind. :smiley:


Watched the Prelim Final just to change things up last night. Involuntarily punched the air with Butler’s goal in the last… :slight_smile:


By the way, Jack Riewoldt’s wedding next week in Tasmania. Caroline Wilson has written a brilliant article on Nick Riewoldt and mentions the wedding. Nick apparently struggled with anxiety attacks but overcame the challenge to become a champion player. http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/the-guilt-and-the-glory-nick-riewoldts-remarkable-story-20171027-gz9x4p.html


The Saturday Age. Essential reading. A two-page excerpt of “Yellow & Black: A Season with Richmond” by Konrad Marshall. The excerpt features “The Triple H Sessions” Hero, Hardship and Highlight address to the players by Brandon Ellis in the pre-season. Also, Damien Hardwick mentions the importance of the book, “You win in the locker room first”, by U.S. management guru Jon Gordon.


I hope this book doesn’t give away any secrets


None of the club’s secrets are revealed, but I’m told it leaves your privacy in tatters.


Amazing. The excerpt of the Konrad Marshall book, with a portrait of Brandon Ellis, is the top listed story on The Age online.


And it worked ! We won the flag !

Racist ?



Here is the link for the book excerpt. It is the top story for The Age online. Brandon Ellis is famous, and rightly so. http://www.theage.com.au/interactive/2017/brandon-ellis/index.html