Some Halloween fun. @Black. DJ was here for the 3 finals, he’s working in London at the moment as his Canadian visa ran out (his partner is Canadian). Peggy used to sponsor Dan.


Nice to see the bucket mouthed dickhead Jeff Kennett is at it again after 5 minutes in the job.

He’s like the smell of cat’s piss this bloke. He just won’t go away.

Apparently the 2017 GF was 'terribly uninteresting’ and ‘*not a good game to watch’ *

And that football will become rugby if we continue with this ‘pressure football’ that Richmond used to win the GF.

He misses the days when you had ‘fast play and players spread around the field’

He’s right of course.

I mean , you only have to look at the scores from Hawthorn’s last flag in 2015 and compare it to 2017 to see the difference.

2015 - Hawthorn 16.11.107 def Sydney 8.13.61 2017 - Richmond 16.12.108 def Adelaide 8.12.60

So clearly in just two years since Hawthorns last flag , low scoring , ‘pressure football’ has taken over the game.

And it becomes even more obvious that we need to do something about this modern trend of low scoring , rugby scrum football if we go back 5 years to Hawthorn’s 2013 Premiership.

The same game where Kennett was as excited as a kid at chistmas in that god awful jacket.

It was a shootout and so far removed from 2017’s* ‘terribly uninteresting , not a good game to watch’* Grand Final.

Hawthorn 11.11.77 def Fremantle 8.14.62.

Richmond’s 2017 GF score was only 5 goals shy of totalling more points than Hawthorn and Freo’s combined score in the 2013 GF.

So Jeff , you can take your typically unresearched , bullshit comments and F**K OFF !

Go and sell off some more public amenities you clown !


Seems he fronts a company that is under fire for being given IT contracts from the Glenorchy city council, without tenders being offered. It may be, the Tasmanian connection might be Kennesational. Hope they find lot’s of shit on this mad man and he ends up where he belongs.


Tremendous article by Caroline Wilson on Nick Riewoldt. In the article, she mentions Jack Riewoldt is getting married this week in Tasmania. [SIZE=16px]Congratulations to Jack. One of the greats.


Are you really asking me to believe that Caroline Wilson , the sycophantic , muckraking , pretentious , relentlessly vindictive , hide behind the ‘it’s a matter of public interest’ , disgrace of a journalist , actually wrote a decent article ?

Sorry but I aint buying it.


No need, it’s free on the intermaweb. :slight_smile:

Ducking! Ms Tantie. xox


I am still getting used to The Net. Sandra Bullock has an informative film apparently. They say Alta Vista is a good search engine. :smiley:


I was just about to post that exact same thing !

You brighten up my day Sashkopf.


Free Caroline Wilson articles ?

It’d be like those bulk bins in JB Hifi which contain 4,000 CD’s @ $5 each.

Problem is , there’s only 4 different CD’s in that massive bin.

4 x 1000


Rap Metal Rap Metal Whitney Houston

Empire Open till midnight


What’s he on about? 2017 was the best Grand Final in the last 37 years.


The email has arrived. The finals series box set DVD is available. Wishing Tree at K-Mart?


By the way, I saw Richo Man at bayside Coles today. He looked busy, so I did not say hi. When a celebrity (like myself) is busy, I do not like to interrupt. :cool:




Purchased Konrad Marshall’s book today. 4 chapters in, well worth the cash. Only $35.


That made me laugh. Just woke up my daughter. She’s now crying. Now I’m crying. ■■■■ you broady and ■■■■ you Sash.



We’re a bit of a double act. Kinda like @Ms Tantie and Telstra.


Yes, it is true. I never interrupt a busy celebrity. Richo Man called for a price check too. You read it first here.


Did he chuck a coin in your hat?


Yes. Heading over to the injecting rooms.:confused: