Back to the match. What a day it was! I met an old-timer who has seen every flag from 1943 onwards. Seven flags! I hope I live to see as many. Hopefully, we can replicate the success era of 67-74 in the meantime.


Fox Footy are having a Tiger-Thon from midnight until Monday. Everything from JLT to matches to the GF parade - everything! Hope they show the press conference again with Tex and his puffed uppery.


This is heartbreaking for Lids, Katie and the family. He really has had a bad year.



Truly sad


1:54.30 The great Francis Bourke.



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Watched the Tiger-thon GF replay #12 for me! :slight_smile: Taped the Semi Final only the 2nd or 3rd time I had watched that one. Nice one to have now for when my Geelong mate comes over, he’s made me watch the recent Cats premierships a few times over the last couple of years! Their perspective, that they didn’t like the Tiger crowd booing while they were kicking in. I think it was a case of not expecting the Tiger surge up the ladder and then having to deal with the massive size and voice of the Tiger Army supporting them. Reflected in the Scott bros and Kennett’s reactions after the event. Their misplaced sense of entitlement versus the up and coming team. . The effect of the finals atmosphere crowd support for Richmond, is I think the understated factor so far in the 2017 premiership year aftermath. . It was the perfect storm of everything falling into place as Brendan Gale predicted. . Off field stabilty(Board, sponsorship, facilities upgrade, etc), Coach retained, Changeover of assistants(Caracella, Leppitsch), NEIL BALME, Change of leadership styles(Coach & Captain), Additions(Nankervis, Caddy & Prestia), Playing to players strengths tactically, Better depth through the VFL team(Runner up in GF), Fitness levels(being able to outlast the opposition in the 2nd halves), Very limited injury list, The lack of form of the tall forwards bringing on the change to the mosquito fleet forward pressure, The playing of Graham, Broad and Townsend toward the end of the season filled in the missing puzzle pieces, Our best players playing at their best(Martin Brownlow/MVP/resigning) and our next tier rising to the next level(Lambert, McIntosh), The Tiger Army. . As a side note I realized today that in my signature, I had the number 8s, which has the best Tigers, all were premiership players aside from Jack, he now joins them! :slight_smile:


You spelled Braeside wrong !

Hey check this out >>

Race #9 - Winner pays $9

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Killjoy tote odds ! Woulda been the perfect omen bet if the TAB was paying $9 or $11.



Jack! Ms Tantie. xox


Kamdyn McIntosh. What a great story. So many great stories, to be sure. To think he started playing Australian Rules football at the age of 15. Amazing.


Tremendous photograph on Instagram of Damien visiting New York. I will try to upload the photograph to this august website. Damien is attending a function for the St John’s University basketball team and is pictured, with the coach, at the Metropolitan Club.


I’m back from the UK … watched the Prelim and now the Grannie… when I saw the game live I thought Lambert was in our best 3, having watched it again I need to revise … he was in our best 2… 120 mins of 100% effort and performance … outstanding …


I’m off to the club tomorrow to collect some memorabilia… and the Richmond 2017 AFL Premiership Draught is out too … a few dozen of those as well…


Well Capt/PemiershipYear/Sash, you ain’t gonna catch him whilst he is alive … just saying … I have chance with 6 under my belt :stuck_out_tongue:


Young fellas both Butts and George. Got another 3 years before they start to hit their peak. Insane to think how well they are going and how they jumped out of the ground this year… Both have highlights on both ends of the spectrum, yet both will walk out as premiership players for the rest of their journeys and If that doesn’t fast-track their self belief, nothing will.


The story of the year for mine… Love the under dogs!


Without sounding like too much of a wank here, I shamelessly stole the concept for a training that I did recently with miners in central QLD. Brought well over a dozen grown men to tears and brought a whole lot of depth to discussions… Gave me a chance to talk about the Tiges too and get paid for it! Another tick on the bucket list! :smiley:


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This arrived today, signed by the captain :slight_smile:


Inspired by my poster arriving, I am finally reading my GF Football Record. It says our greatest winning margin against the Crows was 46 points in 1996. We beat that in the GF :slight_smile: