Yes, @Lazza. The passage of play in the QF when Lambert evades three defenders and handpasses to Rioli, who snaps a goal, is a finals series highlight.


Bought a copy of the 2017 Premiers Victory Pack with all three games plus Season Highlights DVD.

Link here to best priced one: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/movies-tv-shows/movies-tv-shows-on-sale/tv-sports/afl-premiers-2017-richmond-tigers-victory-pack/507961/

Put the Highlights on first thinking it’d simply be re-packaged from the AFL website, but it is an hour and a half discussion hosted by Wayne Schwass with Richo and Rance. Really interesting look at the year, with an absolute highlight being them showing Richo on the boundary line watching the grand final moving about and feeling every kick. If you get a chance to see it it is a great laugh.

Now just have to watch the the other two finals games about 15 times to catch up with that of the Grand Final.


Hopefully I can get the Premiers Victory Pack in blue ray. I’m not that impressed with the GF DVD. Definitely not HD quality picture. Looks like channel 7 pre their HD broadcasts.


My GF dvd is rooted. Kids swapping it in and out of the PS3 for Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom has scratched it. Goes from Dusty’s run in the second quarter and kick to Lambert who plays on, to Graham’s celebration after his 3rd goal.

Victory pack purchase coming up.


Thanks heaps for that. Got express delivery and it was still 20 bucks cheaper than our local stores.


it’s pretty cool how Graham’s goal to put us in front in the 2nd qtr took our score to… yep, 34!


When you’re asked to do one more post before knocking off for the day…


JR8! Ms Tantie. xox


It’s a tough one Laz.

I’m a bit of a fanboy of Lambert and I doubt that many tiger supporters were happier with the decision to draft him than I was at the time.

However , I’ve watched the game a handful of times and even though you could easily make a case for him being in top 3 players on the park , I still wouldn’t change my original top 3 that I posted on here after the game.

3 - Dusty 2 - Rance 1 - Graham

Lambert had a game breaking purple patch in the 3rd qtr though. Unbelievably good.

To give himself a chance he could always morph into ‘*Evil Sashty’ *and exploit the new Victorian euthanasia laws.


Poor form blaming the kids ? What about the 100 times that you secretly watched it ?

Reminds me of the time my brother-in-law’s mate taped the footy over my sister’s wedding video…while he was minding their house when they were on their honeymoon !! :smiley:

She never got to see it.

Of course I didn’t have an issue with it , but after 30 years I still don’t think she’s gotten over it lol.


She needs to take some blame for getting married during the footy season.


Need a love button for that one Ms Tantie, Jack smashing it up with the Killers after the Tigers smashed up the crows. Awesomness!!!


No secret any time I watch it. The whole street knows about it…



I think JB Hi-Fi might have raised the price of the finals series DVD. It is now about $85 online, roughly the same price as the Superstore product. I think there was a price gap initially.


I got it for $85 last week. Plus 4.95 for express delivery.


Hey @Black how ya doin’? Having watched it only 3 times now (starting to doubt my commitment) I have changed my original ‘live’ votes … I had Dusty b.o.g due to his key moments of influence in the game … but have revised the top 5 in the following order (best first)

Rance, Lambert, Dusty, Houli, Graham …

Rance was impenetrable, Lambert in my view the one player who impacted the game for its duration, Dusty as above, was there when it counted most, Houli played the game of his life and buried many of his demons, and Graham was a 19 yr old monster who played well beyond his years … funny, I was so shitty during last years draft when we selected Shai Bolton at 29 and not Graham… I thought Graham was a top 10 prospect and could not believe he had slipped to R2 let alone R3. When we picked him up at 50sumtin I thought our recruiters were just pure genius… still cannot believe it … to me he was staring everyone in the face, just like Steele Sidebottom who should have gone top 3 in 2008 - we picked up Vickery ahead of him… arrghh .


Absolutely ! And also for leaving the unlabelled video sitting next to the T.V.

I told her she didn’t miss anything exciting anyhow.

That made her feel better :smiley:

Haha ! :smiley:

Don’t worry mate , I remember.

After a while I could read 'em their bedtime story and not miss a beat whilst I watched TV.

‘Which book do want me to read tonite boys ? Oh that one ?.. Good choice lads ! We haven’t read that one since… well , since last night !’


I’m going great Laz. They should clone me.

Good to hear you made it back from O/S without having to assume crash positions >>

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There probably has been , but it’s hard to think of a better GF performance by an 18 year old , 5 game veteran in the history of the game ?

We might need to be careful that we don’t set the bar too high tho I reckon ?

As Bruce magnificently pointed out , Grand Final history is littered with players who’s careers don’t reflect that one great game they played on the big day.

Paul Abbott , Tony Evans etc.

None of 'em were 18 years old though hey.

And one last thing before I hit the late night racing…Dusty was easily the best player on the ground. :wink:


Yeah Dusty for mine. Still.

Tough for me to rate Rance as highly as others because through no fault of his own, there wasn’t enough for him to do from halfway through the second quarter. He did exactly what he needed to but in terms of pressure, there wasn’t any in the second half. Also, although he was one of the best in the first half when the heat was on and he impacted the game, he didn’t do that over four quarters like Dusty, Lambert, Prestia and even Houli. If Houli kicks those two set shots, he wins it for me.

Great discussion to have…in November as premiers.


Yes @Vines By the way, the JB Hi-Fi delivery service is excellent. I have ordered many other DVDs and they arrived promptly. Yellow and Black!


JB are having a DVD and Bluray sale starting today… Ordered the Premiers pack and the GF Bluray for $88.