20% off on DVDs and Blu-rays tomorrow (“Black Friday”) at JB Hi-Fi. Another 10% off on top of that if you subscribe to their newsletter and receive a code.

Public service announcement! Ms Tantie. xox


Yes @Ms Tantie I received the JB Hi-Fi email too. I visited the Bourke Street store. Today is the Black Friday sales promotion. A 20 per cent price reduction on DVDs and Blu-rays, plus a further 10 per cent for JB Hi-Fi newsletter members. RRP of finals DVD reduced from $84 to $61. They have an ample supply of stock too. The 20 per cent price reduction is also available online. Today only.


I just watched the entire Grand Final again for the first time since the day.

Phew, we still won. :smiley:

Goodness, gracious me! Ms Tantie. xox


I have watched the GF several times.

Thought for a change l would rewatch the Geelong and GWS finals

Took a while to get used to the standard black jumpers after watching the yellow ones so many times.

Yes l know first world premiers problems :smiley:


My bluray version has the 3 radio calls (MMM, 3AW & SEN) so a different perspective to listen too in the coming weeks! :slight_smile:

I think it was one of my first watches that I had the uneasy feeling, did we really win or was it just a dream? too MySty!


i still can’t bloody believe it.

it’s like, a parallel universe.


With you mate.


In this parallel universe am l ridiculously good looking or still looking ridiculous?


The latter but hey…you’re good at looking ridiculous.



Younare not the first to say that :frowning:


Some more copycat stuff from Easton Wood in today’s paper.

In his new role as official captain he’ll apparently be paying attention to the smaller details , like , for example , ‘picking that towel up off the locker room floor’ :smiley: and 'building those close personal relationships with his teammates which are essential to success’.

He must’ve given The Mighty Cotch a call for advice as soon as he was named captain lol.


Yes @believe! it is still unbelievable at times. Like Dan Butler says, it is surreal. It will probably take several years to fully grasp and comprehend, which is good. It means we will not be complacent, we will not take success for granted. I hope we can look back in 10 or 20 years’ time and see the Hardwick-Martin era as a dynasty era.




Out next week, the entire season in a 27-DVD box set for $109 at JB: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/movies-tv-shows/movies-tv-shows-on-sale/sport/afl-premiers-2017-richmond-complete-season-collection/548111/

Whopping! Ms Tantie. xox


Just had a sneaky look at the 3rd quarter again. When Edwards finds Grigg in the 3rd to put us 20odd points up, Grigg could almost have left it for Graham who was also in a great spot. Could’ve had 4 the kid.

The other thing I noticed was Graham roved a contest at F50 on Sloane (no mean feat) and dishes off perfectly to lambert who tried a checkside but it fell short and Butler had it spoiled away. Lambert clearly missed an inside handball to Rioli who would’ve had an easy shot on the run from 30-35m out.

■■■■ we played well at the start of the third.


I watched the GF replay again on Foxtel last night, one of my favourite moments was early in the third 1/4 when Cotchin lays a heavy tackle on Douglas taking him over the boundary line.

Dusty was in the vicinity and knew Douglas was going to get up and violently remonstrate with Cotchin, so as soon as he stood up Dusty was in his face taking the heat for Cotchin.

Great team work like this snuffed out any thoughts Adelaide had of taking control of the game in the Premiership 1/4.

PS…apparently they are replaying the entire Tigerthon in December…due to popular demand :smiley:


Watching one quarter of the finals series each night. Prestia was probably best on ground until half-time versus Geelong. Cotchin’s goal in the final quarter is simply sensational.


Our games are on now, not bad viewing on a very wet day. They’re playing Dustys Brownlow vote games.


Channel 7 has an upcoming news report featuring Damien.


So, mostly every game?