They’ve called it Brownlow’s Best. I can’t remember off the top of my head which games he polled in, but they just had the GWS game, now it’s Freo.


I watched the R23 Saints game late last night… Tigertime just keeps rolling on …


My most vivid flashback of the grand final is sitting watching the third and saying to my wife we are six goals from being safe here, then 12 minutes later we had 4 of them.

Premiership quarter indeed.


How good is Nankervis in the 3Q versus GWS? The passage of play when he wins the ruck and runs to the half forward flank. He then runs back with the flight of the ball to create a marking contest with Ward, (who is a brilliant player) and creates the spillage, which leads to the pass and spectacular mark by Martin. [SIZE=16px]Sensational.


Just watching the Grand Final again on my new TV :slight_smile: The key moment in the Grand Final for me occurs late in the first Quarter.

Vlastuin marks a touched ball in the back pocket, a pack develops and the umpire signals a ball up. Jacobs taps the ball to Greenwood who goals. Walker and the other Crows get stuck into Nank letting him know about the lost tap.

With 1:21 left in the quarter, Nank line up for the centre bounce. He attacks the hitout with great aggression and that sets the tone for his ruckwork for the rest of the match.

Love seeing the big fella in that frame of mind. Much to look forward to in 2018!


The great thing during the Grand Final Ned, was that every player had a moment where they significantly effected the result. Jack’s 2 grabs at the start of quarters and the goal that scrapped in at the important early play in the 2nd. Graham’s 3 steady goals, Townsend tackling whilst on the ground, Houli’s marks under pressure and goal, McIntosh some terrific physical acts and vision, Broad did some wonderful tackles and evasion when he had the ball, Grigg’s goal, rucking and general play, Edwards the link man and nice set shot goal, Butler’s bananna goal sealer, Prestia’s goal, possessions and tagging work, the defenders Rance, Astbury and Grimes did not put a foot wrong and Vlastuin after the intial fumble played sound defensive work too. Castagna’s contested marking and goal. Ellis and Rioli did great defensive and attacking acts throughout the game, Caddy kicked the first goal to settle the initial nerves and contested everything that came near him. Lambert rose to the level and his form during the season, Cotchin and Martin were at their marvelous best.


Rance, Crusher, Rance.:grinning: (I thought Brooce was going to swoon at one stage!)


Bruce tried to mose us on a number of occasions but gave up in the finish. He was certainly hoping for a Crows premiership. Rance was probably best on ground early, his deft tap off the goal line to Vlastuin with Astbury doing a great job keeping the Crows forward out of reach, was virtually missed by the commentators. I did have him in the previous post Andy :slight_smile:

On the GF did anyone of the Y&B members who got in to the game, see themselves on the telecast? There were some interesting characters highlighted at different times, the fellas on the HF AFL members side boundary, one was wearing a cape, the fella that ran down to the boundary in the last q near the cheersquad, the big fella that roared after a 2nd half goal in a purple TS, the lady under the AFL members stand that the camera nearby kept on focusing on after a Tiger goal…


I was up high in the Olympic Stand, so no. I saw a few people I know, mostly in the cheer squad.


I was behind the Adelaide cheer squad but on level 4 2nd row from the front, not many Tigers in my bay but plenty in the bays either side. I think the camera was up behind my head somewhere.



I think there was some wording missing, it should read…

We pay you to take this away now, $5


I was row M level 1 in the bay to the left of the crows behind the city end goals. I’ve looked for my beanie but nup.

Sat next to two old blokes I’d never met before. One knows Butler pretty well and he cried…a lot.


We must have been close to you @Vines


I could feel the awesomeness.


Received the DVD for Christmas (where’s the BOOK???, still looking under the Xmas tree) and confronted with a dilemma. About half of the wife’s side of the family (she is one of 12) are coming over today since one of the ten nephews/nieces from Adelaide (there are 10 of them) and his family of 5 are staying with us and of course it’s a big family reunion. And they are all mad Richmond supporters. (would you expect nothing less of me to marry someone who barracks for Richmond?) The cricket is on nd of course the GF will have to go at some stage. Solution - copy the DVD onto a USB stick and insert that into the “outside” TV, and have the cricket live on the “inside” TV.


From watching the Finals pack a number of times, it’s clear we have a LOT of improvement left in the ‘bottom’ half of the team. I can’t see Cotch, Dusty and Rance’s collective output dipping too much. Jack has been consistent over a long period, and durable but will his output decrease this year, next year or the year after, or will he continue to produce 50 goal seasons with heaps of unselfish play until his retirement, and who is busting the door down to fill his role?

Players with the most areas of improvement to me are: Butler: some of his ‘efforts’ and decisions baffle me but his upside is obvious. Seems to be level headed. McIntosh: running power and aggression is obvious but disposal is a bit iffy. Nankervis: only 30 games as a ruckman so will continue to develop his skills and aerobic capacity.


I think there’s a lot of improvement in Castagna…as I’ve been watching our wins from round one he attempts a lot of ‘speccies’ - especially for a little bloke -but never quite brings them down safely. If he learnt how to hang on to them…


The one in the prelim was one of the best almost marks I’ve seen…


Late last year I found a you tube clip suggesting the umpires and afl conspired to ensure we won the GF. It methodically went through the game highlighting all the calls we were paid and why they were wrong, whilst also highlighting all the frees that should have been paid to Adelaide that weren’t. It made me quite mad at first. Then, I rewatched the game and I smiled. The YouTube clip was preposterous.

Just reading the Premiership rewind articles on the rfc app reminded me of it, when Nick Bowen suggested that Townsend’s first goal came from a questionable holding decision. Um no Nick! His jumper was held out like a sail!!! Free correctly paid, and duly converted.

The only clear frees missed that would have changed the score were the Grimes hold on Betts, and the Jack hold on Talia in the lead up to Jack’s first goal. The rest of the clip was utter nonsense.

What the GF does highlight however, is that pressure footy wins finals, creates scoreboard opportunities, rattles opposition forward lines, and wears opponents down. I hope we bring it again in 2018. I find it inspiring to watch.