It’s amazing in this day and age and the thirst for articles some of the crap that’s published


I do think being “highly recommended” to wear our away strip gave us an advantage here. The brightness of our jumper highlighted the little holds from the crows to the umpires compared to the not so obvious ones from the darker top. Another win.


On the MMM call of the GF Darcy says that our 37 year drought is the longest in the afl…that’s not even close to being correct.


Spot on @herky


That clip was shown very shortly after the GF. It was made by an Adelaide supporter.

Pretty sure if any of us looked at the game with our yellow and black glasses on we could find umpire errors that we could say went against us.


Well he was right between the two sides that played that day.


Not sure if he is a Crow Gracie. He made a similar video on the 2016 GF and his user name is FreeKickHawthorn. Think he likes to stir up shit.

Some of the ‘frees’ and misses he picked out were pathetic. Like I said, makes me laugh now.

Interesting that on MMM Riccuito didn’t think Betts deserved a free for the Grimes one.


The one l saw was posted by an Adelaide supporter.

Agree it was funny.


I see many hi fiving reaching TL2, I’ve just managed to reach TL1 after some hotmail shenanigans.

Used the hiatus to soak up the 2017 season. So much to be chuffed about, biggest ever climb up the ladder from 13th to win the GF, first time ever a player has won the Brownlow and Premiership in the same week, the team camaraderie, Hardwick’s new defensive mindset and trust in the players etc etc.

Then cap it all off with Konrad Marshall’s behind the scenes look at season 2016 and 2017, it’s been a very busy footy off season :grinning: Almost makes up for all the lost years.

Considering how cocky they were all season, I found the Adelaide post GF family day on Youtube quite amusing, trying desperately to take some positives out of 2017, but the GF result just soured it all.


i’m with prosciutto. if that was a free kick then there are literally hundreds of frees not being paid every season.

if we go on how that situation- where the bloke closest to the ball but not yet in possession is being hindered/held by the trailing player- is let go all year, then that was definitely not a free.

personally i don’t like how they let this form of holding go, but in this particular case i ■■■■■■■ loved it :stuck_out_tongue: