2018 JLT2 TIges vs Nth


“watching” the game on a stats feed, 2nd half seem to have hit another gear- those there or with pay tv, i’d really appreciate some observations of the tigers’ game.



Nank and Soldo have both laid 7 tackles halfway through the last quarter.


Little more than a training drill, I would have preferred a better hitout but maybe this was a pointer of where North are at.

Observations … Short has played himself into the Round 1 team, Conca still turns it over constantly and is not in our best 25, Moore is a likely type & should be given an opportunity at some stage this season. Absolutely love our dash out of defence & ball movement, we seemed to have 3,4 or 5 options. Like it.

Bring on Round 1 but keep your heads guys.


North was trying very hard in the first quarter but you could tell it was just a matter of time. In the blink of an eye, the Tiges had piled on 5 goals to zip. The “sharing” of the football in the forward line amongst our guys towards the end verged on the ridiculous. I found out I get Live pass for free because I’m a Telstra mobile customer. I wish they’d told me that last year. I also worked out how to stream, or more correctly “watch it directly” to a Samsung tablet we have lying around here by temporarily connecting it to my phone’s hotspot


Commentators said at one stage said it was like the Harlem Globetrotters. Some really impressive stuff, however Butler has to become a little more greedy. He looks to pass all the time which will make him predictable.

Little to complain about if that’s what I take away from the game. All had a good hit out and really looking forward to the first game.

Looked it up, and since the Fremantle game in Round 22 last year, our 3rd quarters are: 35.23.233 vs 14.21.105

Our last quarters are: 36.14.230 vs 14.12.96

So combined last half of all last 6 games are: 71.37.463 vs 28.33.201

Keep it up Tigers. How good is that!


Methodical, clinical, consistent, relentless

Most of all RUTHLESS

We are back baby

Think l am going to really enjoy this year


Watched the game and took great delight when the camera was showing the Norf coaching box. The look on each of their faces was priceless. They looked as if they had no idea of what to do or were in denial because they still think that Norf is in the mix…

Can someone remind which of the Scott brothers think that Richmond game play is un-watchable football? Oh yeah, it doesn’t matter. Because it is Richmond which is the reigning premiers and we just flogged their team by 70, yes an un-watchable 70 point win.

Go Tiges!


We have won our last 7 games by a combined 449 points



Some good stats right there Three One


We played some scintillating footy in the 2nd half tonite…and we did it with a leg in the air.

We just toyed with them.

We overplayed the unselfishness to the point of arrogance but that’s ok.

Dusty barely tried , ditto Cotchin in the first half.

Shane Edwards will have a life after footy lecturing in the values of confidence and…

We are the benchmark of the competition !

You want to see how good you are ? Then try beating us right now at the G in front of The Army.


It’s been interesting seeing our approach to JLT , pretty much pick the best team With opportunity/tests of a few on the fringe

It’s a no nonsense approach, they have a winning formula, and they aren’t messing around with it

Soft kills of norf and essendumb are good , get them in a loser mindset for our next outing against them

If you look at those second half stats I think the Scott bros are onto something, If you’re an opposition coach that boarders on unwatchable :grinning: We love it thou


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If this works well enough, we can use it for the 2018 season.


I think that as there are only 2 practice games this year, the Coaching Panel want to get as many guys as possible up and running by having them compete in both matches. There were some (e.g. Jack) who was showered and changed after half time but who had had a good hit out by then.


Agree with Short and Conca.

Short was great with getting hold of it and going for a run to get the team moving out of defence, he starts round 1 for sure for mine.

Conca is woeful at decision making and skills and is nowhere near our top 22, how many times i said to a mate last night as he collected it "watch him give it straight back to you " and he would.


The boys seem hungrier this year than last, they liked the feeling of what they had last year and want it to continue. The stars are being stars, the mid talent are trying to lift to another level and the lower guys are busting their arse knowing the vfl guys who missed out are busting theirs to break in.

Carlton are going to cop an almighty whack in the first round as i feel we really want to show the others we are even better this season and no hangovers.


Skills were shocking but it was a clinical win. Not great pre season prep in either game really.

Butler needs to take the shot, he was way over the top unselfish. Especially when he has good skills himself and he’s passing off to George who was only in a marginally better position but poor by foot.

I thought Shorts foot skills were lacking a bit


The fire is still there, the first half was a good work out as North had their legs and moved the ball up the ground quite well, but our mids and defenders worked back hard to stop them a very good sign. The 2nd half our superior fitness overwhelmed them and this included resting the key players JR, Cotch, Dusty and Rance for major sections. The young guns maintained the pressure stakes and North cracked. Short got a lot of the ball and used it well, the 2 ruckmen have the tackling buy in, Moore showed he has some class in the air and shooting for goal, Butler showed that the checkside goal in the GF was no fluke by kicking a beauty from further out. Graham is a tackling and pressure machine, Broad got some reassurance from his team mates when he was on in the 2nd half. I think he has had to grow up in a hurry. JR has to be careful with his high tens as the left hand slipped thru and got Caddy in the face. C Ellis looked like a mummy for most of the game. Good signs may they continue on in a fortnight! :slight_smile:


How about Townsends mark?! tough


Reading this was reminded about the number of times I and others I sit with said this about Astbury - or read the same here. Conca has had rotten luck with injuries over the years, I still think once he’s had a good run he’ll get better.


thanks guys, sounds bloody good!


Im not sure if interupted preseasons and injuries can account for just very poor decision making, C Ellis is also missing a fair few preseasons and injured a bit yet his decision making is fine, im wondering if conca cant keep up with our gamestyle pace and making bad decisions as its way too quick for him.