2018 JLT2 TIges vs Nth


He looks like he is trying too hard to me, which is typical with players who have a long run with injuries.

He’s trying to bring a huge speed and energy to the game to the point where he is going too fast and losing composure.

Some time to adjust is reasonable before judging him completely.


Who are you and what have you done with @thebigricho?


Replay q1 http://bponlinewoc6264.ngcdn.telstra.com/sigeo/vod/ingest_aflfilms_vod/2018/03/951620/VOD_Source/2018-03-07_07-54-29-3461/output_2400kbps_720p.mp4 q2 http://bponlinewoc6264.ngcdn.telstra.com/sigeo/vod/ingest_aflfilms_vod/2018/03/951625/VOD_Source/2018-03-07_08-43-51-2836/output_2400kbps_720p.mp4 q3 http://bponlinewoc6264.ngcdn.telstra.com/sigeo/vod/ingest_aflfilms_vod/2018/03/951626/VOD_Source/2018-03-07_09-25-25-4398/output_2400kbps_720p.mp4 q4 http://bponlinewoc6264.ngcdn.telstra.com/sigeo/vod/ingest_aflfilms_vod/2018/03/951631/VOD_Source/2018-03-07_10-00-51-4398/output_2400kbps_720p.mp4


Get used to it Brad Scott. A few good years ahead unwatching your team get hollowed out from the inside and then run over by the Mighty Tigers.


Too much frigging around in the forward 50. Could have kicked more goals. In the season proper the guys have to take their chances when they present. Can’t do that crap when there is real pressure. Practice as you intend to play…

Liked the games of our players in the category below elite … Graham, Lambert, Caddy, Nank, Astbury and Broad.


Hopefully this will get a LOT of likes. Dusty must be thinking to himself - DID I NOT MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION BY STAYING WITH RICHMOND!!!


I watched it of the first 3 qtrs First conclusion - it was a practice match from the intensity both teams brought Second - we are ticking over nicely but see first point there was limited heat Third - we had closer to around 1 side than they theirs Fourth - poor old norf weren’t as bad as some people made out Fifth - Concas game not as bad as some critique , his name will be bobbing around the selection table come round 1 but suspect Short and Bolts ahead of him


Allup liking what I saw , bring on round 1 but suspect we get truly tested rnd2


Townsend interpreted this as, ‘I must practise my intense physical pressure on opponents.’


that was a beauty and he took the grab :slight_smile:

I think its in his DNA to go that hard

I did notice Cotch picking off an unsuspecting Norf player

and Nank the tank going for a ride and clunking a nice mark also will have stamped a physical presence with his knee firmly planted into a Norf player

isn’t it good to be on the right end of this stuff


I’m loving the culture at Tigerland now. No more second guessing themselves in play, everyone has permission to make the occasional mistake, assists are looked upon as highly as goals, every effort, from spoiling to chasing is appreciated by team mates acknowledgements, everyone knows their role, which is within their capability, and the whole group has bought into this winning culture and set the bar high, even in the JLT.

For me it continues to be strange hearing commentators referring to us as the benchmark, when trying to talk up promising teams comparing their players to Richmond players. Still surreal.

Nothing like a couple of huge JLT wins to help it sink in though :slightly_smiling_face:


Other than smashing North , possibly the best thing to come out of the game was that two of our better players on the night didn’t play in the GF.

Short and Bolton.

And how about Edwards and his impersonation of LeBron ? That was freakishly brilliant !

I reckon the ump woulda been thinking…‘what just happened ? Did he mark that ? Drop it ? Surely he didn’t deliberately not complete the mark and then throw the ball to a teammate whilst airborne…all in a split second ?’

By the time the ump had worked it out , the ball was heading back to the centre after yet another Tiger goal.


We finished on top of ladder for JLT series I’m pretty sure that counts as another flag lol