2018 List


Seems like the only positions we run thin on now are key position forwards, will we be going for Lynch big time at the end of 2018 ?


Astbury - Rance - Garthwaite - Miller - Balta ( Miller and Balta could also be trained to play forward, I think it was Miller who kicked 30/30 at goal kicking at combine )


Riewoldt - Griffiths - Moore


Coleman-Jones - Hampson - Nankervis - Soldo - Chol ( CJ and Chol could also go forward rather than rucking )


Caddy - Cotchin - Graham - Lambert- Martin - Miles - Prestia ( we all know a few of these can rest forward )


Grimes - Houli - Markov - Short - Vlastuin - Smith

UTILITIES ( guys who can play a few positions )

McIntosh - Menadue - Naish - Townsend - Broad - Conca - Drummond - Edwards - B Ellis - C Ellis - Grigg -




Bolton - Butler - Castagna - Higgins - Rioli - Baker - Stengle

Id think most likely from that lot Rioli and Castagna could play other roles, Butler could be an ideal wingman but needs to work on getting alot more of the ball.


Now because im bored I will pick my best 22 for next year, hopefully adding some guys I think can step up.

B- Grimes - Rance - Vlastuin HB- Houli - Astbury - B Ellis C- Graham - Cotchin - Lambert HF- Rioli - Riewoldt - Bolton F- Castagna - Coleman-Jones - Higgins R- Nankervis - Martin - Prestia INT- Caddy - McIntosh - Menadue - Markov EMG- Townsend - Edwards - Grigg

That leaves a few unlucky blokes missing out’ Griffiths, Short, Miles, Butler, Broad, Conca, Lloyd

Apart from the obvious guys I think or hope a few of the younger guys really hit their straps next year.

Our backline of those 6 I think are the best 6 in the AFL, Houli was the obvious choker of the group but they confronted him towards end of the year and credit to him he lifted and was sensational in the finals.

Graham surely goes to another level this year. I think Rioli will start getting more of it by moving more up to forward flank and wing. Bolton has tonnes of class and if he gets fit enough he will be our most dangerous small forward. I think Coleman Jones will fly from the start, he is 201cm and weighs 98kg already before preseason, I think he will play early and same goes for Higgins, he looks built enough to have a crack from the start. Im also backing in Menadue and Markov to go to another level after a couple of preseasons and to start showing what they have.

Exciting times


Hey @TigerHardwick have a look at your seconds side

Short Miller Garthwaite Conca Balta Broad Naish Miles C Ellis Lloyd Griffiths Butler Stengle Moore Townsend Hampson Grigg Edwards Baker Chol Soldo Drummond Smith

Premiership players highlighted

Fairly handy side that one.

Remember back 10-15 years ago and all the busts we had. Now you are flat out naming two or three that are under threat


How about a team of the 21 and under aged players:

Short Miller Garthwaite Markov Balta Naish Rioli Graham Menadue Butler Coleman-Jones Bolton Castgana Moore Stengle Soldo C Ellis Higgins Chol Baker Smith

Again premiership players in bold

Future looking sound

We are really in a position to win a premiership…oh wait more premierships :smiley:


Kids are going to struggle to push out Edwards and grigg.


If we can trade out Deledio no worries I dont think there will be a problem not giving Edwards and Grigg games if the kids are playing better than them, but thats the thing the kids need to lift and Edwards and Griggs form needs to drop, the unknown factor now also is will some players drop off thinking Ive won my flag or will the flag win boost confidence of a lot of them. We have seen over the years it take a very special group of players to play in a few GF’s in a row so the passion must be there to keep wanting it year after year or the new guys who missed out to want their piece too.


It is all good from where I am sitting

Proven premiership players A stack of good kids pushing wanting to be premiership players There is no doubt in any one’s mind that the game plan works Good club culture They are all fully supported in off field resources


No comparison. Lids was/is cooked. Edwards and Grigg actually played their best footy this year. Edwards’ finals series was sensational.


I guess it will come down to how well we are going to, if we become like dogs they may opt to go young


Hawthorn from its first of three in a row premierships had 5 changes to the grand final team and then a further 2 changes to the third premiership team.

We should expect some of the current premiership players to be over taken in the top 22


Yep I agree. Don’t agree that Edwards and Grigg will be the ones overtaken.


@Gracie How many of the changes for the hawks were retirements/trades/omissions?


Don’t know enough (and don’t care to) about the individual players so not completely sure.

Franklin left under free agency Bailey was not on the list the next year at age 26 not sure why Think Guerra retired Langford Spangher Sewell and Simpkin played in the years after so not sure if omitted or injured


Edwards comfortably in the best 22 next year.


Now that is impressive!


I’ll stick with the 2017 premiers, some how that team gelled. And adjust it as the season rolls on. Those that really want in, will have to get their hands dirty, those without the desire, drop out. A team that won each finals games so comprehensively has to be rewarded with continuance, at least in the first game.


So far the only out for round 1 is Broad.


I don’t envy the coaches Rewarding last year’s players for what they did and how - very important Stand still in this game and you go backwards - pretty important Don’t reward players in the VFL and sooner or later the culture crumbles

There will be a few victims come the end of 2018 Just as Lloyd & Miles were this year and Townsend came damn close to being one


So it appears we are one player less than in 2017… or have I missed someone? 7 outs and 6 in. Seems we are one rookie less.

Edit: Hmmm, maybe that’s DES … I forgot about our Academy rookie


And to add more context to my previous post look at the trouble GWS have had with a list deep with talent

It’s one thing to source talent and have a list deep with 1st ready talent

But how do you keep the 23rd best happy playing in the 2nds when people would be back slapping them and telling how good they are going and that they should be in the top side… Townsend , Miles and Lloyd were truly burning in the two’s The fact they held their VFL form right thru the season is a credit to players and club

We know that sort of situation often ends badly and possibly only our late season rise up the AFL &" VFL ladders kept everyone focused and putting club/team first