2018 List


It’s also a credit to GWS that they usually well at the trade table with those second tier (and sometimes top tier players). Look how they robbed the Hawks, for years lauded as the club to turn around players, with Jon O Rourke. We did well with Vickery and the Hawks too. We shopped around Lloyd and Miles but couldn’t get a deal done.


There will be guys who chase money soon thinking they are better than they actually are as its just the combination of the team that got them the success and worked well.

Suckling left hawks chasing money thinking he was great but nope. Daisy quitting pies to blues for the cash and nope just average.

Its happened many times over the years and will keep happening where your lessor like stars like Broad, Butler, Castagna, Townsend will start getting alot better offers we cant match and they flee and career amounts to nothing as it was all due to team effort that bought success. We prob know its going to happen too most likely with the small forwards as we now have 54 of them :stuck_out_tongue:


From the outside with the players we drafted it’s going to look like we’re sticking with the same game style. It remains to be seen if we do. Pressure like this year has to stay though.


It will be interesting to see if the rookie promotions get lower numbers(Castagna 46 & Soldo 47-20? his cousin’s old no) Perhaps Butler 40 and Garthwaite 42, do premiership players now change numbers? … New draftees and rookies with the spare numbers. Jack Higgins 7 Callum Coleman-Jones 11 Noah Balta 13 Patrick Naish 19 Ben Miller 20 28 Liam Baker 38 Derek Eggmolesse-Smith 43 45 48 49 50


Jack Graham says hello

He would get a low number before any of this years newbies.

In any case the new players usually get the numbers in the 40s


They made a rule a few years back that newbies get the high numbers and have to earn a lower one, winning the flag may change that as some with higher numbers prob dont want to change numbers now


Jack Graham will be interesting Gracie. I’ve like the number 34 since Graeme Landy(120gms) then Jeff Hogg(128gms). He could move to number 7 (3+4). :slight_smile:


The final submitted list for 2018: (Alphabetical) Seniors: David Astbury, Noah Balta, Shai Bolton, Nathan Broad, Dan Butler, Josh Caddy, Jason Castagna, Callum Coleman-Jones, Reece Conca, Trent Cotchin, Nathan Drummond, Shane Edwards, Brandon Ellis, Corey Ellis, Ryan Garthwaite, Jack Graham, Ben Griffiths, Shaun Grigg, Dylan Grimes, Shaun Hampson, Jack Higgins, Bachar Houli, Kane Lambert, Sam Lloyd, Oleg Markov, Dustin Martin, Kamdyn McIntosh, Connor Menadue, Anthony Miles, Ben Miller, Patrick Naish, Toby Nankervis, Dion Prestia, Alex Rance, Jack Riewoldt, Daniel Rioli, Jayden Short, Ivan Soldo, Jacob Townsend, Nick Vlaustin ** Rookies:** Liam Baker, Mabior Chol, Callum Moore, Tyson Stengle

I wonder what Stengle is thinking … we’ve recruited extra smalls, but elevated Soldo ahead of the draft and then took CJ and Balta… we have depth … must be a horrible dilemma having your immediate future hinged on injuries.

Just so everyone is aware … check out my new signature … jumping the gun I know … but I will fight for the privilege … and if in the unlikely case that I lose the fight I will go another round for Callum two-names.

And there are a few on here I need to educate in the art of advocating… especially @bagwarn :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah. The feels when we got Matty White another contract, then a big pay check at Port.


The only sour note fo me in 2017 is that someone thinks that Edwards and Grigg are becoming dead wood. COME ON. Edwards was sensational in the finals AND Grand Final. He’s clearly not slowing up. He’s PEAKING. Grigg does more than his bit. Bolton and Higgins will be pushing Castagna and Butler out when or if they are better players.


Since when did number 34 become a high number?


Hawthorn should have told Hodge and Burgoyne that they needed to make way for the new 18 year olds in 2013 after winning the Premiership too! COME ON! In a perfect season this statement has made my jaw drop and hit the ground. Bolton and Higgins will be up against Castagna and Butler. There are things in AFL called injuries too.

Now is not the time for a rebuild - just a tweek maybe. Let players develop.


Didn’t we finish 13th in 2016? - and you’re thinking of a (possible) re-build by sending a season momentum building player in Grigg, and a Finals Series dynamo in Edwards to an early retirement!

I’m off for a 3 month holiday. That takes the cake.


Its not a rebuild, its replacing older guys with a younger better player. A rebuild is replacing those 2 with 2 brand new kids, whilst i have guys being around for a couple of years stepping up and taking their place like Menadue and Markov to name a couple even Cory Ellis should be stepping up, so for you to think that these young guys being around for a couple of years arent capable of pushing out a grigg and edwards isnt a good sign is it.


You been on something last night ??? Where did i say rebuild ? Ive got young talented guys coming in replacing others its actually a good thing you know. So perhaps calm down a little hey.


It’s good to see Hardwick finally develop a game plan around players strengths, instead of weakness’s. Edwards, Grigg and the whole team actually looked so much better in 2017.

With our more experienced players approaching 30, I doubt we’ll get such a dream run with injuries again in 2018, there should be opportunities for the worthy young guns to get some AFL game time.

I expect Hardwick to stick with the winning formula early in 2018(same team), and tweak things from there as the season unfolds and no doubt opponents will have some new tactics against us, who are now the hunted :cool:


Only humans hunt Tigers … and there is no team in the league called the Humans … we are top of the food chain … :slight_smile:


We hunted the Cats , the Giants and the Crows , with the help of a massive crowd because they were between us and a silver cup

Previously we have hunted the Hawks and Swans , they were the bench marks of the comp

Now new teams hungry for success will hunt us , they will break down our game style and personnel and be very focused on beating us , it just comes with the territory and is up to the coaches and players to adapt


Or continue and improve the form of Agust and September.

You can hunt all you want but if you have inferior ammunition it is a lost cause.


From Paul Amy on twitter: The VFL has granted Richmond permission to play Bailey Lambert (Craig’s boy) as a father-son 23rd player this year. Good luck to Bailey, who was in the NEAFL in 2017. Also from Punt Rd, the Tigers have listed ex-Oakleigh Chargers midfielder Charlie Thompson.