2018 Premiership team player count down


And welcome back.

I miss calculated as we have an extra player as category B. So we have 45 players to get through plus the coach.

It is now 45 days until our first game and where we unfurl the 2017 Premiership flag.

So since l miss calculated we need to cover two players today. I will start with said category B rookie then move through the rookie players to the main list and by jumper number.


First up we have Derek Eggmolesse-Smith

DOB 4 May 1998 aged 19 180cm 80kg Wears jumper no 43

Taken as a Category B rookie in the 2017 draft under our Next Generation Academy Program.

Derek came to the club’s attention in 2014 when he commenced phase 1 of the Korin Gamadji Institute’s Richmond Emerging Aboriginal Leadership (REAL) program.

The former Bendigo Power and Wentworth District footballer is also a product of the highly successful Laguntas program, which has seen 9 participants drafted to AFL clubs since its inception in 2012.

An exciting and quick defender, Derek then joined the Tigers Next Generation Academy Program, following its launch in 2016.

In 2017 he trained with the VFL Tigers and played 5 matches.


Next we have Liam Baker

DOB 27 January 1998 aged 20 173cm 68kg Wears jumper no 48

The only rookie selection for the Tigers last year at no18. From Subiaco he is a forward/ midfielder.

Baker played with West Perth in 2016 and represented WA at U18 national level.

In 2017 he moved clubs to Subiaco where he played 13 league games as a midfielder/forward. He averaged 16 disposals and kicked 19 goals in 2017 with 4 tackles per game.

Baker is a superbly balanced player who is highly skilled on both sides of his body with elite crumbing ability. Baker has great defensive instincts as a forward, constantly harrassing the opposition and intercepting the loose balls.

Liam ran a 10.24 3km time trial at 2016 National combine to rank in the top 15 of that draft class.


Next up tomorrow will be Tyson Stengle.


I’m looking forward to seeing Smith develop as our first pick from our new Zone. Snippets show that he has a fair degree of skill


Today we have Tyson Stengle

172cm 73kg DOB 19 October 1998. Aged 19. Wears number 44

Has played 2 Afl games and kicked two goals -all in 2017

Drafted at #6 in the 2017 Rookie draft (held at end of 2016)

A key player for South Australia in the 2016 NAB AFL Under 18 Championships, Tyson was also a consistent performer at SANFL Under 18 and reserves level, finishing with 37 goals in 19 games across both competitions.

An exciting small forward blessed with pace, Tyson is composed in traffic and has good goal sense. He has the ability to win his own ball and can push into the midfield. Tyson is the nephew of Sydney great Michael O’Loughlin.


Next up will be Mabior Chol


Today we discuss Maboir Chol.

200cm 93kg DOB 29 January 1997 Aged 21 Wears jumper number 41

Played one AFL game in 2016.

Selected in 2015 in the 2016 Rookie draft at pick 30

Maboir was 8 when his family moved to Australia and settled in Queensland. He started playing Aussie Rules soon after and eventually was selected in the Brisbane Lions Academy.

Quick agile and a good kick.

When drafted Maboir was 198cm and 81kg so tracking well given this year’s stats.

At the 2015 AFL Combine he ran a 10.55min 3km time trial. He also finished 3rd in the repeat sprints.

Maybe 1 more year but he is nearing the time to deliver.


Next up will be Callum Moore.


I worry about Mabs just not sure, he seems a bit lazy to me. Has tricks when the ball comes to him, just unsure how hard he works to find the ball


3rd and final year on the Rookie List for both Mabior and Callum. At the end of 2018 the club has to either elevate to the Senior List or delist.


Today we have Callum Moore

193cm 93kg DOB 3 September 1996 aged 21 Wears jumper number 36

Has played 2 AFL games and kicked 1 goal (the last two rounds of 2016)

Taken in 2015 in the 2016 Rookie draft at #12

From Aberfeldie (Vic) via Calder U18.

Versatile key position player. Quick off the mark and sound below his knees. Shown potential in the VFL with contested marking and attack on the ball.


Tomorrow we move to the main list starting with Ivan Soldo


I think Callum Moore shows Real promise and should at some stages get a run in the ones this year.

Only 21, good speed and size. My Smokey for a most improved slot this year


Today we have big Eevarn Soldo

204cm 106kg DOB 14 April 1996 Aged just 21. (22 this year so still a pup in big ruckman terms) Wears jumper number 47

Has played 7 AFL games and kicked 1 goal all in 2017.

Taken in 2014 in the 2015 Rookie draft as a category B player. From representing the ACT in basketball and didn’t start playing AFL until cousin and Richmond fan favourite Eevarn Maric convinced the club to take a chance on him.

Elevated to the main list this year and seemingly tracking satisfactorily. Still, given his aged, he has 2 maybe 3 years before having to produce the goods.


Ben Miller is up tomorrow.


Another whom I have high hopes for is Ivan the junior and I think is tracking well


I almost challenged the notion that Callum is a “versatile key position player” due to his size … but we proved last year that size is not the key to playing a role up forward. Seems there is some faith in this lad … just trying to workout what role he could play. I guess we will have to wait to see how our structures develop early in the year.


Ok sorry folks. I got caught out with a few dramas. All good now.

Saturday was 40 days to go and next up for discussion is Ben Miller.

195cm 94kg DOB 31 August 1999. Aged 18 Wears jumper number 46.

Taken in last year’s draft at #63

Ben is from Kalgoorlie WA and first came to recruiters eye in 2015 playing as a key back for WA under 16.

During the 2016 season, he played a few games at Colts level with Subiaco, as bottom-age player. 2017 he again commuted from Kalgoorlie to play colts.

His form was impressive enough in 2017 for him to represent WA at the under-18 national championships. He played all four games as ruckman/forward.

Ben was ranked in the top two for speed and agility in the 2017 combine. He has an exceptional vertical leap, excellent penetrating kick and can be extremely dangerous with ball in hand.

This is the Club’s take on him - “We feel Miller is still in the early stages of his football development and he has huge scope for improvement in an AFL environment, considering what he has been able to achieve to this point, while being based in a remote location. He is a big powerful kid, who has the speed, athleticism and skill to develop as a key position player at either end of the ground.”

I made an early call on Graham so while l am on this roll l am stating now that Ben is our next big thing in talls. Basing this off him living, training and going to school in Kalgoorlie and still committed to get himself to Perth and play two seasons of Colts. Obviously very limited training with Subiaco and limited elite training. He is already a good size and under AFL training he is going to be a man mountain.

You heard it here first


Yesterday it was 39 days to go and up next is our newest father and son Patrick Naish

182cm 71kg DOB 15 January 1999 Aged 19 Wears jumper number 45

Son of Chris Naish who played 143 games for Richmond from 1990-97

He has been a busy boy through 2017 playing for Ivanhoe (Vic), Northern Knights in the TAC Cup competition, Vic Metro in the under 18 national championships and the AFL academy.

Patrick everaged 22 disposals per match for Vic Metro during the 2017 under 18 carnival, playing off a wing, half back and running through the midfield. As a result named as All Australian

Natural runner with elite kicking skills and offensive creativity. Has an excellent leap making him a threat in the air.