2018 Premiership team player count down


Great to see another father and son at the club. Chris should be proud


And on to today with 38 days to go we come to Ryan Garthwaite.

192cm 90kg DOB 30 June 1998 aged 19. Wears jumper number 42.

Taken at number 72 in the 2016 National draft.

Was a member of the Giants academy.

Kicking is good despite unorthodox kicking style.

Defender who can play on small and tall opponents. Is strong in one on one contests.

Dylan Grimes clone?


37 days to go and today we have Callum Coleman-Jones

200cm 97kg DOB 13 June 1999 Aged 18 Wears jumper number 40

Taken at #20 in the 2017 National Draft. Is a ruckman/key forward.

We continued our pattern of taking the SA under 18 captain and hoping CCJ can become a premiership player like Graham.

Outstanding contested mark. Excellent aerial judgement.

On top of this he possesses good speed and an elite ability to be clean at ground level. Also has a fine touch with his ruckwork and a strong football IQ.


I have high expectations for this lad. Hoping he can get over his preseason injury/soreness to be able to play a few games later in the season…


With 36 days left we have the unlucky Nathan Drummond.

182cm 80kg DOB 19 January 1995 aged 23 Wears jumper number 39

Taken at #52 in the 2014 National Draft

Debuted against Melbourne in 2015 but suffered a knee injury.

Came back from that towards the end of 2016 and played four games but again injured his knee requiring another reconstruction. Not sure if same knee or not.

Missed all of 2017 but back in training.


Certainly unlucky but a nice lad it would be great to see a change of luck for him


The clock ticked over to 35 days to go and we are now at another of our new talls Noah Balta.

194cm 94kg DOB 23 October 1999 aged 18 Wears jumper number 38

(What is with these new talls all being near the right weight height ratio - good problem but just not the usual skinny rakes)

Taken at number 25 in last year’s National Draft

Balta was up and down the pre draft prediction order but slide beautifully to our third pick.

One of the posters on PRE reckons Balta was played in defence when he is a natural forward and slide as his performance outputs were down on his previous outputs (when he played forward)

From training reports he is training with the forwards.

Noah is described as an athletic key position player. He has shown capacity to play almost all positions on the ground.

He missed the cut for Vic Metro under 16 in 2015 but then showed great potential during second half of 2016 at TAC Cup level for the Calder Cannons.

Played for Vic Metro in last year’s under 18 National Championships as a defender.

The bio on the website also says this anout Noah

  • great speed and recovery
  • strong contested mark
  • real desire to chase and harrass at ground level
  • thumping right foot kick, consistently hitting the scoreboard from outside 50.


Excited by this kid


Today, with 34 days to go we have Connor Menadue.

187cm 80kg DOB 19 September 1996 aged 21 Wears jumper number 37.

Has played 28 AFL games (9 in 2017) and kicked 10 career goals (3 in 2017)

Taken at #33 in the 2014 National Draft.

At that time was listed as 188cm and 69kg. So has shrunk slightly but more importantly has put on some good size.

Quick (has won the Grand Final sprint) versatile runner he should be now ready to step up a level.

The time to go is now Connor.


Like the traits with Balta the next step is how he pulls it all together


I think Menadue stagnated a bit last year. Maybe getting used to extra weight which created niggles. An interesting one to watch this year will need to get into the ones early I think or runs the danger of becoming to accustomed to VFL pace


I’m with you Barrel, cant wait to see this kid in action… CHF in the making … and is a good option for a Astbury CHB <-> CHF switch if it is ever required … not likely with Astbury close to the best CHB in the game right now …


33 days to go and we come to the first of our premiership players.

Nathan Broad

192cm 89kg DOB 15 April 1993 Aged 24 Wears jumper number 35.

Has played just 12 games of AFL, 10 in 2017. Has yet to kick a goal.

In 2017 averaged 14 disposals per game, 4.1 marks and 2.5 tackles.

Taken at #67 in the 2015 National Draft. Mature age recruit from WAFL club Swan Districts.

He is an AFL Premiership player and Richmond Life Member.

Some say he also has an interest in photography.


32 days to go go and the second of our premiership players.

Jack Graham

181cm 82kg DOB 25 February 1998 Aged almost 20 Wears jumper number 34

Has played 5 AFL games and more finals than home and away gamed. All in 2017. Has kicked 5 goals.

In 2017 he averaged 14 disposals 1.8marks 7 tackles

Taken at #53 in the 2016 National draft.

He is an AFL Premiership player and Richmond Life Member.

Larke medalist and Captain of the SA Under 18 team in 2016.


And today, with 31 days to go we have a third premiership player

Kamdyn McIntosh

191cm 91kg DOB 3 April 1994 Aged 23 Wears jumper number 33

Has played 53 AFL games with 24 in 2017. Has kicked 10 goals, 2 in 2017

Career wise he is averaging 15.45 disposals a game, 3.94 marks and 2.83 tackles

Taken at #31 in the 2012 National Draft

He is an AFL Premiership Player and Richmond Life Member

Was a rising star nominee in 2015 and has 2 Brownlow votes to his name.


Looked good on the weekend. Did you see the set shot from behind half way? :astonished:


Corey Ellis is next up.

184cm 80kg DOB 9 October 1996 Wears jumper number 32

Has 23 Afl games to his name, 6 in 2017. Has kicked 7 goals, 3 in 2017.

Averaging 12 disposals, 2.52 marks and 2.43 tackles

Played 11 games in 2016 early before injury stopped his season. Played 6 games in 2017, 4 of them in a row rounds 18 to 21. (Did he make way for Jack Graham?). The stats for those 4 games was well below his output in 2016.

Interesting reading his pre draft write up. The good was his kicking vision and tackling. His needs improvement was his consistency on the big stage plus finding the ball more.

Would suggest these are still his weak areas. Although he did have favourable reports in the VFL finals run.

2018 looms as a big challenge for him. Needs to show more.


Different knee, injured it in May 2017 exactly 1 year since he had injured his other knee in 2016.


Best he wears a cricket box in the first game 2018 … !!


29 days to go. Oleg Markov is next

188cm 78kg DOB 8 May 1996 aged 21 Waers jumper number 31

Has played 15 AFL games, 7 in 2017. Has kicked 3 career goals 2 in 2017

Averages 13 disposals, 4.8 marks and 1.3 tackles

Taken at #50 in the 2015 National Draft.

Like CEllis 2018 represents time to deliver for Lego