2018 Premiership team player count down


I like what he brought to the team last year - reckon he’s a future champ.


Only 4 weeks to go. Today we have Reece Conca.

181cm 83kg DOB 12 August 1992 Aged 25 Wears jumper #30

Has played 86 games, 6 in 2017. Has kicked 21 career goals none in 2017.

Averages 17.8 disposals, 3.7marks and 3.4 tackles.

Taken at #6 in the 2010 National Draft

Rising star nominee 2011 and has 3 Brownlow votes to his name.

Reece has been unlucky with injuries but still has something to offer.

Will he stay injury free and regain a place in the top 22?


Typed a post…then deleted it.

Being positive this year!


I reckon he’s best 22 if he can stay fit


Staying fit is his issue


27 days to go. Shai Bolton is next.

175cm 76kg DOB 8 December 1998 aged 19 Wears jumper #29

Has played 6 AFL games and kicked 3 goals all in 2017

Taken at #29 in the 2016 National Draft

The biggest X factor player we have on the list. Going to be interesting to see how he goes this year. For me l am not expecting massive things from him this year 8 to 12 games would be good. Allow him to develop properly.

Or he blows us all away and he becomes a permanent fixture in the top side.


Has the tricks, having the aptitude to knuckle down and use them consistently will be the issue.


Was thinking about Marbs yesterday and with him getting a run in JLT 1 today I think he may be closer than most people expect. I was also really impressed with the way he spoke to the media and roar vision.

Gotta remember, he’s an African kid from Zelda so if anything, he probably needs even more time as a project tall than any other kid in the system.

He seems to fit in well with the group and there was a little passage in Marshall’s book where Leppa gets really excited (perhaps over excited) and says he has Buddy Franklin tricks or moves or something.


Were you distracted by your Nintendo there, Vinesy?

Link! Ms Tantie. xox


Amazing how auto correct can get Zelda from Qld!!!


Saturday was 26 days left and Jack Higgins was the player of interest.

After reading his output last year it is unclear why he fell so far so we could get him at #17 in last year’s National Draft. Can only surmise it is his height 177cm 76kg and maybe they thought he didn’t have any improvement in him(much like Jack Graham the year before).

He turns 19 on the 19th March. Wears jumper 28.

So here is the run down.

Jack was rated #1 player averaging 145 Supercoach points in 33 rated games (by Champion Data)

Averaged 24 disposals per match in his 14 TAC games for Oakleigh Chargers and an impressive 27 disposals in 4 appearances for Vic Metro in last year’s under 18 Championships. Named All Australian.

Kicks goals with good conversion rate 60%. Kicked 31 goals 21 behinds for Oakleigh. A high of 7 goals in one match. On top of this had 27 goal assists.

Averaged 5 tackles per game and had 18 contested possessions in a game against South Australia.

Bit quiet on the weekend against Essendon. But plenty of time on his side.


Next up with 25 days to go is Sam Lloyd

180cm 83kg DOB 3 March 1990 will turn 28 next week. Wears jumper number 27

Has played 50 Afl games, 8 in 2017, and kicked 64 goals, 6 in 2017

Averages 12.2 disposals, 4 marks and 2.7 tackles.

Taken at #66 in the 2013 National Draft

Had several players go past him for a forward role. Has stated he is aiming for more time in the midfield this year.


And today it is 24 days to go and we have another player fighting to regain a spot in the top 22 Anthony Miles.

180cm 80kg DOB 28 February 1992 so turns 26 in two days time. Wears jumper number 26.

Has played 70 AFL games, 5 in 2017 and kicked 24 goals, 1 in 2017.

Averages 22.2 disposals 3.7 marks and 4.2 tackles

Taken by GWS as a NSW-ACT zone selection in 2011. Then picked by Richmond at #27 in the 2014 Rookie draft. Elevated to the main list at the end of 2014.

Too good to be playing in VFL full time.


Having Lloyd and Miles as ‘depth’ speaks volumes.

I reckon Miles’ 2017 papers were stamped in the Hawks game when Dusty gave him a walk in goal and his complete lack of awareness saw him get crunched in the goal square.


The Widow maker is up next with 23 days to go.

Toby Nankervis

199cm 102kg DOB 12 August 1994 aged 23 Wears jumper number 25

Has played 36 Afl games, 24 in 2017, and kicked 14 goals, 11 in 2017.

Averages 13.2 disposals, 2.6 marks, 4.3 tackles and 20.4 hitouts

Taken by Sydney in the 2013 National draft at #35. Traded to Richmond in the 2016 trade period for pick # 45

Premiership player and Richmond life member

One of my favourites


Hard to believe he’s only played 36 games. It’s exciting to think how good he could be after another 100


Love the nickname the widow maker


22 days to go and today we discuss Ben Griffiths.

Given the head injuries it has to be a smart decision to pursue the NFL punting career.

Good luck Ben.




Next up with 3 weeks to go is Mr Reliable Kane Lambert

178cm 77kg DOB 26 November 1991. Wears jumper #23

Has played 52 AFL games, 24 in 2017 and kicked 28 goals, 13 in 2017.

Averages 18.06 disposals, 3.42marks and 3.77 tackles

Taken in the 2015 Rookie draft as a mature age rookie. Elevated to the main list at the end of 2015

Premiership player and Richmond Life Member

One of the mid range players we needed to step and he did in 2017. Big running numbers and other clubs dont seem to have cottoned on that he is our main link man.

Solidly in the top 22