2018 Premiership team player count down


Lablett as he is known on another site is key for us. Was huge in the finals.


Lambert is one of my favourite players. Rewarded for persistance and continually improving. Great work ethic.


Short discussion. KIP.


2 zero days to go and we have yet another premiership player Joss Caddy

186cm 88kg DOB 28 September 1992 Aged 25 Wears jumper number 20

Has played 117 AFL games, 22 in 2017 and kicked 97 goals, 21 in 2017

Averages 17.32 disposals, 3.55 marks and 3.63 tackles

Taken by Gold Coast at #7 in the 2010 National Draft. Traded to Geelong in the 2012 trade period for a round 1 compensation pick plus pick #57. Traded to Richmond in the 2016 trade period for pick #26 and 60 (we got back pick 53 which we used on Graham)

NAB rising star nominee 2012 8 career Brownlow votes Premiership player and Richmond life member

Caddy still cops some flak by those concentrating on his weak points. You cant have 22 Dustin Martins so you need these type of players and Caddy fits the bill.

Also like his take no prisioners approach


3rd in the 2017 BNF…


Is that his Chinese name?


Wow, what a win win trade that turned out to be.


Saturday was 19 days to go and Jacob Townsend was next up.

187cm 89kg DOB 20 June 1993 aged 24 Wears jumper number 21

Has played 37 AFL games, 5 in 2017 (only 9 for Richmond). Has kicked 20 goals, 16 in 2017 (only 2 behinds)

Averages 10.57 disposals, 2.62 marks, and 4.49 tackles

Taken as a NSW-ACT zone selection in 2011 by GWS. Traded to Richmond in the 2015 National Draft for a 4th round selection.

Premiership player and Richmond Life Member.

Added the bite to the forward line in the top side late in the season. Made every post a winner after it was looking likely he would be delisted.

Looking forward to him backing this up this year and over the next few years.


Sunday was 18 days to go and we come to Alex Rance

194cm 94kg DOB 9 October 1989 Aged 28 Wears jumper number 18

Has played 175 AFL games, 25 in 2017. Has kicked 9 career goals with 1 in 2017

Averages 16.7 disposals, 5.8 marks and 2.5 tackles

Taken by Richmond at #18 in the 2007 National Draft with a priority selection.

Premiership player and Richmond Life Member

All-Australian 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 All-Australian Captain 2017 Club Best and Fairest 2015 Runner up 2016 and 2017

Will be rated our best backman of all time when he gives the game away, which could be as soon as the end of next year.



And today with 17 games to go we have Daniel Rioli

179cm 76kg DOB 16 April 1997 aged 20 Weaes the coveted #17 jumper.

Has played 43 AFL games, 25 in 2017. Has kicked 38 career goals, 25 in 2017

Averages10.6 disposals, 2.7 marks and 3.3 tackles

Premiership player and Richmond Life Member

Rising star nominee 2016.

Anyone who witnessed his performance in the pre lim v GWS will have no doubt to his exciting future.

Going to be fun watching him and hopefully Bolton running around in yellow and black.


Sean Hampson is next up with 16 days to go.

201cm 104kg DOB 21 March 1988 Aged 29 Wears jumper #16

Has played 98 AFL games, none in 2017, and kicked 38 goals, none in 2017

Averages 8.0 disposals, 2.7 marks, 1.6 tackles and 20.8 hitouts

Taken by @#%&ton at #17 (priority selection) in the 2006 National draft. Traded to Richmond in 2013 for pick number 28

Has played 10 seasons now and averaged 9.8 games a year. Came to us for the 2014 season and has played 35 games so just under 9 games per season.

Back injuries are hard to overcome and we haven’t seen much of him on the training track so hard to see him having an impact this year.


If he was 100% fit and had done the best preseason in history, it would still be hard to see him having an impact this year, or any other year.


Day 15 and Jayden Short is next up

178cm 75kg DOB 24 january 1996 Aged 22 Wears jumper #15

Has played 32 AFL games, 16 in 2017 and kicked 8 career goals, 2 in 2017

Averages 14.8 disposals, 3.6 marks and 1.6 tackles

Taken at pick #11 in the 2015 Rookie Draft and elevated to the main list at the end of 2016

Excellent skill level off either foot and aged just 22 will keep him on the list for some years


2 weeks to go and we have Bachar Houli

180cm 84kg DOB 12 May 1988 Aged 29 Wears jumper number 14

Has played 170 AFL games, 21 in 2017 and kicked 38 career goals, 5 in 2017

Averages 23.6 disposals, 5.1 marks and 3.6 tackles

Taken by Essendon at pick #42 in the 2008 draft. Quit Essendon in 2010, after Essendon and Richmond could not reach a trade agreement, and nominated for the preseason draft where we had pick #3

Premiership player and Richmond Life Member

Thinking we have received good value for money here.


One of the standouts on GF day as well. Really stood up has been great for our club


13 days and excitment is building

Mr Reliable David Astbury is next

195cm 96kg DOB 26 February 1991 aged 27 Wears jumper number 12

Has played 85 AFL games, 25 in 2017. Has kicked 8 career goals none in 2017

Averages 15 disposals, 6.4 marks and 1.4 tackles

Taken at pick #35 in the 2009 National draft

Premiership player and Richmond life member

Low tackle count but l suppose you dont need to tackle if you mark everything :grin:


The best you wrote about Astbury @Gracie = 25 in 2017.

Injury free…


Ok Saturday was 12 games to go and we have Jason Castagna up next.

181cm 80kg DOB 12 July 1996 Aged 21 Wears jumper number 11

Has played 30 AFL games, 25 in 2017. Has kicked 28 career goals, 26 in 2017

Averages 10.8 disposals, 3 marks, and 3 tackles

Taken in the 2015 rookie draft at # 29. Upgraded to main list at the end of 2017

Premiership player and Richmond life member. Rising Star nominee 2017

Loves Chaos

Only 21 so still has improvement left in him. I would like to see him get possession of the ball at first opportunity. Be that a mark or loose ground ball.


Shane Edwards is next up

182cm 81kg DOB 25 October 1988 Aged 29 Wears jumper number 10

Has played 207 AFL games, 20 in 2017. Has kicked 140 career goals, 11 in 2017.

Averages 16.4 disposals, 2.7marks, and 2.9 tackles

Taken at #26 in the 2006 National Draft

Premiership player and Richmond Life member. 3rd in the Norm Smith medal count.

Is the longest serving Richmond player on the current list.


Our captain is next up with just 10 days to go. Trent Cotchin

185cm 85kg DOB 7 April 1990 aged 27 Wears jumper number 9

Has played 198 AFL games, 25 in 2017. Has kicked 118 career goals, 17 in 2017 (and none better than the one late in the final against Geelong)

Averages 23.9 disposals, 3.6marks and 3.9 tackles (had a massive 139 tackles last year at an average of 5.6)

AFL premiership player and captain. Richmond Life Member, Brownlow medalist, 3 time club best and fairest, All Australian, AFLCA Champion player of the year 2012

Richmond Champion