2018 Premiership team player count down


Jack was recruited in the same draft as Shed.


I gave credit to the Hampster in 2016 , with Maric MIA he had to step up , he started by usually winning the hit out counts but then the opposition started sharking them , he did improve on that score , then there was the marking around the ground , big Ivan would crash packs and give us a few valuable contested grabs each game in contrast Sean seemed to have wooden hands and hardly clunked one but he was getting his hands on plenty. I felt his improvement over2016 was enormous and his efforts were being recognised by team mates , we had a better back half of the season and he was part of that

2017 injury wipe , but when returning to the VFL our VFL watchers were noting one grab marks , plenty of them .

He will have to bring that to the table in the VFL again to be considered for the top side as Nankervis is clearly a long way ahead and Soldo is also ahead of him , but ruckmen are prone to ankle and back injuries so he could be needed for depth

And they are unlikely to play Sean in the same side as those two


Castagna loves to fly for the specie and had a string of painfully close to getting plenty of them last year , he starts to clunck say 1 in 3 of those leaps and he becomes a weapon , can be done , Edwards and Rioli can both do it

He hasn’t learnt to harness his pace yet , he’ll put the Jets on to get out if trouble only to run into more trouble, on that score he’s our new Matt White . That can improve with time , but this preseason suggests more if the same for now

Kicking for , yeah let’s not go there


I agree. Needs to be cleaner, too many fumbles but he seems to get to the right spot so often. If he can gain some composure he could be a star.

Don’t forget Bolton, he can do it too.


Bolton , sounds like Higgins from the practice match and Stengle all are lively smalls forwards with the ability to make spectators salivate

we are so spoilt for choice in this dept. but injuries , suspensions and form will ensure plenty of them get a run this year and the cream will rise to the top


9 days to go and we have Jack Riewoldt

193cm 92kg DOB 31 October 1988 Wears jumper number 8

Has played 225 AFL games, 23 in 2017. Has kicked 537 career goals, 54 in 2017

6th on the all time Richmond goal kicking list. Needs 11 goals to move to 5th. Then another 69 to catch Michael Roach.

Averages 12.4 disposals, 5.6 marks, 2.3 tackles, 2.4 goals and 0.4 hitouts

Taken at pick #13 in the 2006 draft

Premiership player and Richmond Life Member

Vice Captain

2x All Australian

2x Coleman medalist 2010 and 2012

Club best and fairest 2010

8 x Michael Roach Medalist 2010 through 2017

In 2006 the Norf Melbourne recruiting manager Neville Stibbard had this to say about Jack "Riewoldt is not athletic or tall enough to play key position at either end (of the field)

Norf selected Lachlan Hanson at #3 in Jack’s draft

Added the last bit as l consider Jack one of the smartest footballers l have seen. He instantly knows the best option and is skillful enough to get the ball to that option.

Played his best game for the club in last years GF.


Well, he didn’t.




8 days to go and Dan Butler is next up

182cm 80kg DOB 3 June 1996 Aged 21 Wears jumper number 7

Has played 23 AFL games, all in 2017. Has kicked 30 goals again all in 2017

Averages 11.4 disposals, 1.8 marks and 3.6 tackles

Taken at #67 in the 2014 National Draft

Premiership player and Richmond Life Member

Interestingly Butler was one of only two listed players not to get a senior game in 2016. The other was Yarran. In fact he got the message that if he didn’t improve he would not be there any more. Improve he did and look at him now.


Just 1 week to go people!

Today we have one of our premiership ruckman to discuss, Shaun Grigg

190cm 84kg DOB 19 April 1988. Will turn 30 next month. Wears jumper number 6

Has played 192 AFL games, 149 for the Tigers and 25 games in 2015. Has kicked 93 career goals, 15 in 2017.

Averages 21.4 disposals, 5.0 marks, 3.0 tackles and 0.6 hitouts

Taken by @#%&ton at pick #19 in the 2006 National Draft. Traded to Richmond in 2010 in exchange for Andrew Collins

Premiership player and Richmond Life Member

International Rules rep 2011

Since coming to Richmond he has played 149 games out of a possible 160.

Thinking we won in this trade.


6 days ladies and gentlemen

Brandon Ellis

181cm 82kg DOB 03 August 1993 aged 24 Wears jumper number 5

Has played 135 AFL games, 25 in 2017. Has kicked 46 career goals, 7 in 2017

Averages 22.2 disposals, 5.5 marks and 2.4 tackles

Taken at #15 in the 2011 National draft

2nd in the 2014 club best and fairest and made the 40 man squad for All Australian. Selected in 2013, 2014 and 2015 in the AFLPA under 22 team

Since his debut he has only missed 3 games


Saturday was 5 days to go and next up is Dusty

(You know you are a superstar when everyone knows you by one name)

187cm 92 kg DOB 26 June 1991 aged 26 Wears the number 4 jumber

Has played 178 AFL games, 25 in 2017. Has kicked 187 career goals, 37 in 2017

Averages 25.3 disposals, 4.0 marks, 3.2 tackles, 0.1 hitouts and 1.1 goals

In 2017 averaged 29.8 disposals

Taken at pick #3 in the 2009 National Draft

Premiership player and Richmond Life Member 2017 Brownlow Medalist 2017 Norm Smith Medalist 2016, 2017 Club best and fairest 2017 Leigh Matthews medalist 2017 AFLCA Champion player of the year 2017 Gary Ayres Award 2017 Herald Sun player of the year 2016, 2017 All Australian 2x 22under22 team 2012,2013 AFL Rising Star



Sunday was 4 days to go.

Dion Prestia

175cm 82kg DOB 12 October 1992 Aged 25 Wears jumper number 3

Has played 117 AFL games, 22 in 2017, has kicked 37 career goals, 7 in 2017

Averages 23.5 disposals, 3.1 marks and 4.4 tackles

Taken at #9 in the 2010 National draft. Traded to Richmond in the 2016 Trade period for pick 6 (ended up pick 7) and Richmond’s 2017 second round pick. We also got their pick 24 which we traded for Josh Caddy and also an exchange of later picks our 63 for their 56.

56 became pick 53 and we selected Jack Graham.

Premiership player and Richmond Life member


And Dylan Grimes is up with 3 days to go

193cm 90kg DOB 16 July 1991 Aged 26 Wears jumper number 2

Has played 104 AFL games, 25 in 2017. Has kicked 3 career goals, 1 in 2017

Averages 11.3 disposals, 3.6 marks and 2.3 tackles

Taken at #2 in the 2010 pre-season draft

Grimes flies under the radar to all non Richmond people mainly because of his ninja like defending abilities.


One of the most underrated players in the AFL he’s a star


With 2 days to go we come to the final player

Nick Vlastuin

187cm 87kg DOB 19 April 1994 aged 23 Wears jumper number 1

Has played 96 AFL games, 16 in 2017. Has kicked 20 career goals, 2 in 2017

Averages 15.6 disposals, 4.9 marks and 2.8 tackles

Taken at pick #9 in the 2012 National Draft

Premiership player and Richmond Life Member

Strengthens our backline


Flossy is normally so calm except for his first few minutes of last years B&F. He is normally so reliable and is one of the reasons our defence is so feared. Shows great leadership.


He was nervy early in the GF too, but that first beer at the bnf has brought down many a youngster.


Nice analogy mate


Great work, Gracie. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Ms Tantie.

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