AFL 2018: Round 1 vs Carlton


With 2 weeks until round 1

Who would you pick to be your 22 for that clash ? Broad and Rioli wont be playing. Think Markov is down too. Prestia im not sure on ? Miles im not sure if he is injured or overlooked?

B- Grimes - Rance - Short HB- Houli - Astbury - Vlastuin C- B Ellis - Cotchin - Edwards HF- Castagna - Riewoldt - Lambert F- Bolton - Townsend - Caddy R- Nankervis - Martin - Prestia INT- Graham - Grigg - McIntosh - Butler


Can’t imagine Prestia plays after not playing any pre-season footy, would be asking for soft tissue trouble.

I’d say from the GF team we will see Bolton in for RIoli, Conca in for Broad and Short for for Prestia with Lambert and Graham actually covering his spot.

Higgins is probably the only other chance of taking one of those spots unless we get funky and play Chol.


After nearly being de-listed Townsend is picked twice these days…understandable.

And yes, what’s happened to Milesy?


Ha ha and you know I went over that twice to see if I’d put anyone twice, I did see today Miles was an emergency for the North game so isn’t injured


Would be very shocked to see Miles picked. I think we will see Bolton for Rioli, Conca for Broad, C Ellis for Prestia and if Bachar doesn’t come up I think Short gets his spot. All other spots as per the GF


I’m shocked to see Miles not even given a run in the JLT.

Looks like he’s been written off for any senior footy at Richmond in 2018 and beyond.


He will be part of the Lynch trade.

He’s not written off but can only play Inside mid in our set up as @Gracie says he may need to move to become a regular


A few weeks ago I would of said complacency could have been a worry

On two fronts Classic premiership hang over and getting ahead of ourselves And Carlton are rebuilding but played their best footy early in the season the last two years

Roll forward to now and despite Carlton looking like improving on last year we seem to have a great outlook on the game , ready to go and wanting to repeat the formula that worked last year

Bring on the season opener

I think Carlton will fly out of the blocks and give us a good contest and a win over them will have merit ,unlike 2 years ago Go tigers


It’s a bit weird this year, the season has almost snuck up on me. Most years I have a mix of anticipation and dread for weeks prior to Round 1, but I’ve been basking in the glory of the Premiership all summer. Going into a season as the hunted is something that I barely remember.


So, Rioli, Broad, Prestia & Houli missing from the Premiership team.

For mine, Bolton, Short, Miles & Conca fill the holes. Not sure if form will prevent anymore from the GF from playing Round 1.


That sounds about right to me.

Corey Ellis will be a chance too.

I figured you were just paying homeage to Towner’s stutter.


What a perfect storm in trying to get to the game… carpark is closed what genius thought of that one, then the Hurstbridge trainline is closed from today until April between Macleod and Clifton Hill!


Fly in by ultra light :grin:


I might have to change my Marvel mutant ability ceehook, to one of the flying ones! :slight_smile:


They say Houli is a chance to play Prestia 50/50


Neither will play Round 1


Neither will play you can take that to the bank. Houli will play Round 2, Prestia won’t.

No risk so as to not jeopardise a season for the sake of a game. Richmond have a different mentality now as there is another willing soldier to take their place.

So 4 changes for Round 1 at the minimum


And that’s healthy for the for other guys to get a go


do u guys think it will be possible to get in without upgrading gen adm membership, if i get there at 5:30?


Thats 5:30 am, yes?