AFL 2018 Round 12 v Port Adelaide


It seems that the Tigers need to win away from the MCG to get recognition from some sections of the media.

Sitting second with a 9-2 record and 140% is a pretty good season to me so far!

Having said that, I’d love for the Tiges to grind those Port Adelaide knobs into the ground this week. That should shut Kane Cornes up you’d think!

Only milestone this week is 50 consecutive games for David Astbury. David has played 49 consecutive games since round eight, 2016. Quite a milestone for a guy who had trouble getting onto the ground for a while there. This milestone is recognition of his hard work and dedication to get himself right and then to show us what a really good player he can be. Congrats Dave!


And I’m heading over to Adelaide to watch this game to hopefully rub it in for what I copped after the Cotchin wind debacle final a few years back :joy:


Astbury is a big tick to him and team behind him

Finals loss to Port , remember we had to beat Swans in Sydney , plus it was very wet under foot but dry conditions , track described as a heavy 10 , we pumped our selves up big time , we had to win to Mae the top 8 , it was a big game fought out to the last seconds , we should remember that as our grand final , Add to that every bounce , every 50/50 free went ports way early and they got excited and built on it

The port we face this week is an interesting case study , they recruited for a push to a gf last year , they have played some very good games and some disappointing ones , in front of a home crowd after a narrow away loss they will be out to respond in a positive way . I have talked previously that they are arrogant , missing Paddy was part of some of their lesser performances , but inflated self belief I think might still be an issue. They were shocked and embarrassed when they lost to us over there last year . They might have studied our loss to Adelaide there earlier in 2017 and thought we’ve got this.

We’ll strike a different opponent this time , they will have done way more home work on us , they will no doubt be saying a win against us sets up a tilt at the title , it will be yet another tough encounter for the reigning premier , it’s tough at the top, but we come into the game in good shape

My prediction is the game will be played under semi finals like intensity


Huge game. Big test.


Dusty calf issues and gone to NZ

This is your chance Mr Miles, replace him friday night and shove ti up the coaches by playing a blinder.


84 consecutive games
we are very used to having him but given the troubles we’ve seen calves give Deledio & Prestia I’m all for early intervention

its a chance for someone else

and having a close look at the likely Port line up are they more attacking minded and less about shutdown ?


I’ve squeezed my crystal balls

and bang , its come to me

Jack "sledge hammer " Graham will be the difference


Being reported already that Miles is in.


Woo hoo

They couldn’t not put him in after game he had last week especially with Dusty out


Fake news. And if he’s named in the team it’s a typo.

I won’t believe it until I see him in the team at the first bounce.


I[quote=“TigerHardwick, post:9, topic:20468, full:true”]

Woo hoo

They couldn’t not put him in after game he had last week especially with Dusty out [/quote] Miles and Castagna in for Dusty and Graham


Graham omitted

Emg - Ellis , Graham, Soldo, Garthwaite


Woweeeee…I’m shocked


Now it’s up to him to kick some arse


I didn’t think he was going that badly to be dropped, especially after such a big win.

And he’s a big body, handy if it’s a wet weather game as predicted.

Glad to see Miles in though.


With Graham out as well , shattered :disappointed_relieved:


He’s been down a bit on form, he has hardly been touching the ball he did lift his tackling last week but still only 7 touches and 2 week before


Might be time to give the old crystal aggot method away and go back to the tea leaves Chook ?


Do believe there more than a touch of flat track bully about Port and Graham could put some acid on their resolve

Big out

I think Suns stayed with them in the wet in China but they pulled away a little when conditions dried up a touch , so a shower around game start mightn’t hurt our chances



Graham out ??!!??

Where is that sack Hardwick thread?