AFL 2018 Round 13 vs Geelong


Ins - Martin - Rioli - Townsend - Garthwaite - Ellis- Graham

Outs - Menadue - Conca - Astbury - Moore - Broad - Butler

B- Grimes - Rance - Vlastuin HB- Short - Garthwaite - B Ellis C- Grigg - Cotchin - C Ellis HF- Edwards - Riewoldt - Rioli F- Castagna - Caddy - Townsend R- Nankervis - Martin - Miles INT - McIntosh - Higgins - Lambert - Graham

Emg - Butler - Balta - Conca - Bolton


Interesting game in the overall season and also our ladder position.

Not the end of the world if we lose but we would probably need 9 wins from remaining 10 games to ensure top 2. 6 from 10 to ensure top 8.

But other than that l want this win because we have been Geelong’s bitches for too long. Before the finals win over them last year we won 1 game in 21 since 2000.

We need to see some improvement in performances from guys like Lambert and McIntosh. They were the guys that lifted late last year and allowed Martin and Cotchin to work their magic.

Lets get this done and go to the break at 9 and 3.


In the final we had that magnificent crowd willing us to victory

Despite the scores being close in the 3rd poor old Geelong didn’t stand a chance

Everything worked in our favour , this time will be different

But we have improved a lot of little things in our game

We can win but it will take a real big performance from us as we know the opposition will be lifting for this game


With the exception of Astbury, the others have been a little up and down this season. Is Astbury out injured this week?


not yet he is 50-50 but in Richmond terms that means he is no hope :smiley: Id say Short has been very consistent this year also



Too many changes. Id go:

Out: Miles, Conca, Higgins In: Graham, Rioli, Townsend

Garthwaite in if Astbury doesn’t get up


It’s an interesting dilemma at the new unselfish, team oriented Richmond.

Take Butler for example, very unselfish player, dishes it off maybe too often in our forward line, covers for team mates by tackling their direct opponents, shepherds etc.

By dropping players like Butler, we could be compromising the unselfish team focussed mindset of the playing group, and encouraging a survival, every man for himself mentality.

Let’s hope Graham remains the unselfish team first player he was on his return. His demotion surprised me.

Calling for players to be dropped, unless the team loses badly, could be counter productive and ruin team culture.


Agree with you Barrel. Graham and Townsend were probably dropped because all the metrics pointed to them being off their game. Sent to VFL with specific things to work on.

I think we miss the hardness that Townsend brings to a marking contest or full on tackling in the forward line. Rioli is just a class above the others with footy smarts and his ability to will himself to a 50/50 ball. Graham will have most of the Cats’ midfield spooked, with his ability to put pressure and tackle close in.

Can’t wait for these types of games. Games that challenge the Tiges and return the pressure that we would expect in the finals and not the blowouts. This is how we become primed for the big show. Remember, we more than others, understand that the season is a a marathon and not a sprint.

Go Tiges :tiger:


I don’t think too many, you have your guys who should be dropped then you have Astbury and Broad more likely not to play through injury now and have to be replaced and I think Cotchin and McIntosh are also sore.

Don’t reward mediocrity if you want a gun team, they play poor they go out and the players performing in vfl come in, keep rewarding mediocre performances and it all turns to shit.


Corey Ellis could come in for McIntosh.


I’d leave Rioli in the seconds for one more week.Play him a full game mostly as an onballer. I don’t want to change the dynamics too much, but Townsend, Bolton, C.Ellis, Martin and Graham in for Conca, McIntosh, Broad, Higgins and Menadue. Moore and Miles to stay in for me.


Rance pretty much said on mmm before that Rioli won’t play



In Dustin Martin, Daniel Rioli and Jack Graham come in, along with Corey Ellis, Ryan Garthwaite and Ivan Soldo.

Out Miles, Menadue


Snagged again…


With Rance saying Rioli wouldn’t play you’d think he will be an emergency Garthwaite would only be in incase Astbury or Broad don’t get up so emergency Soldo never gets in so emergency

So Martin and Graham in for Miles and Menadue C Ellis may be the only other who may get in

There are some lucky guys still in that team underperforming Conca is the first to spring to mind, only 7 clangers last week from 22 touches at 59% efficiency


Corey for brandon…good decision maker and user of the ball.


C.Ellis for McIntosh. B.Ellis would have to far ahead of McIntosh. Graham for Conca.


Going by Hardwick and Riewoldt talking sounds like Rioli will play