AFL 2018 Round 13 vs Geelong


I’d still show them full respect , I thought we managed to blunt/ dull the effectiveness of Gary Dangerwood but they were the main drivers for the cats and between now and Sept. win enough games for the Cats to ensure they are top 4 or close to it

I raised with some AFL fans that Kolo jazz bunny(no.8) might have been a siginificant player for us he often came crashing over packs and punching the ball away and with real gusto trouble being Geelong players were often most likely to mark it or he was so far above the rest of the pack he could have marked it
and the “bring it to ground” in those situations was playing into our hands

Our back line of Rance , Astbury , Grimmes and Vlas take many contested marks and have over some seasons got into the groove of when to punch and when to mark and when they mark that does diffuse many opposition forward thrusts

I do think Kolo is young enough to learn and Harry Taylor is making his way back for the Cats and he might help add another level of calmness to their back line


I didn’t rub any crystal balls this week :slight_smile:


So to prove Short is no good and not a team player Oh wait…

He averages 19 disposals At 76% efficiency 2 tackles 2 clangers And kicked 3.5

Houli who is meant to be his replacement once he returns ( even though they’ve played all Houli’s 9 games together )

Houli 20 disposals At 76% efficiency 2 tackles 3 clangers And kicked 2.5

Yeah I think Short isn’t going anywhere and we will have 2 dashing back flankers with Rance, Astbury, Vlastuin and Grimes doing the heavy work.


Dustin Martin has been offered a $1500 fine by the AFL’s Match Review Officer for contact made with an umpire in yesterday’s 18-point win over Geelong at the MCG.


AFLCA Votes:

9 Nick Vlastuin (RICH)
7 Alex Rance (RICH)
6 Joel Selwood (GEEL)
3 Kane Lambert (RICH)
3 Rhys Stanley (GEEL)
1 Daniel Rioli (RICH)
1 Shane Edwards (RICH)


Just caught the tail end of Jon Ralph on Fox Footy and I think he was saying Short has been offered a bargain basement contract and is likely to shop around.

Looks like Houli and Grigg may also be tipped while Markov is sought after elsewhere.


List management when trying to hang emerging and fringe players is bloody hard Geelong lost Mummy , and didn’t the string together a career We’ve picked up Nank because he was 3rd in line at Swans

What we can do is trade picks or upgrade picks for players we do let go


Houli & Grigg are 1988 boys With short , menadue, Markov , Drummond pushing for spots what do you do ?

Norf booted 4 older top liners two years ago and are now better for it


I loved this from Dan. Welcome back!


Was great having Rioli back out there and gee we missed Jack Graham against Port.


We have 17 out of contract by memory, I’d say we are not moving on any due to Lynch, once talks with how much he wants happens then I’d say we will offer who we want to retain.


The unusual one is Short being given a small offer, as opposed to not being offered anything yet.


Mate , you’ve still got a few months left to milk the…'pffft , who gives a shit ? We’re the f**king reigning premiers man !

And it’s a beautiful thing that we can currently tack onto that sentence…'AND…we’re rightfully on top of the ladder !

Instantly owned , coz there’s just no comeback for that Vines. Nothing , nada , crickets.

I haven’t heard much from my shitstirring mates for a while now , and when I do hear from them they seem to want to talk about some obscure badminton tourney or some such crap.

Anything but footy lol.


Hehe !

Well I guess he didn’t get many more touches than that in the GF , but he was still important hey.


They wouldn’t have a clue what he was offered their whole job is to dribble shit, was reserves player last year and now stepped up and out of contract so of course hes not on huge dollars and I doubt the new deal wouldn’t double

He won’t go anywhere, Markov and Cory Ellis are 2 out of contract who aren’t getting consistent games they could most likely go if offered spots elsewhere.

Lloyd and Miles are too and can’t see either sticking around this time if they get offers.

Conca and Grigg are interesting to me if Lynch comes on board I feel these 2 will be moved on.

Houli I can’t see leaving

Soldo, Stengle, Bolton, Baker, Garthwaite, Chol, Moore, Broad and Menadue i can’t see being let go

Smith I’ve no idea if they will retain

Hampson will be delisted

Drummond I’ve no idea what they’ll do

Townsend may be another if can’t get back in if another team comes sniffing may leave

I’ve a feeling if Lynch comes on board we won’t pick him as free agent we will do a deal with suns and trade a couple their way


Dimma admitted in the presser he made a blue last week dropping Graham.

Imo part 2 of the blue, which went unsaid, was promoting Miles. Doubt we’ll see him in the seniors again.


I got 25/1 for this >>

Port at the line of 35.5 - tick

Sydney 1-39 - tick

St.Kilda 1-39 - tick

Hawthorn H2H - tick


Freo 1-39


I didn’t think either of those two woeful teams were capable of scoring 40 points for the entire game , let alone being able to win by 40 points.

I’m still filthy on pathetic Carlton. How can you not kick a goal in a half of footy at Etihad ?


I meant the team got asked a few questions by Geelong…but thanks for the advice anyway mate ha ha ha


Haha ! I see that now.

Memo to self - You are male , so do not attempt to multi-task.


Bolton will look to head home to WA, nothing surer.