AFL 2018 Round 15 - Richmond vs Sydney


“Looks like there is a bit of an issue with his right ankle”. That’s what token jobs get you.


I reckon the fact they were not supporting his leg on the way off means it was probably a dislocation of the ankle rather than a break which is much better long term.


It looked sideways when camera first went to him It was broken


A good game is being overly influenced by the umpires again.

Buddy v Rance has turned into the Razor Ray show.


Anyone, what the hell was that 50 for???


That was outright cheating by Razor. No freekick to begin with, then when Buddy kicks it straight into Rance 50m penalty!


Sick of the commentators glossing over the umpiring tonight, the only element keeping the Swans in this game…


Looked like the displacement was very close to the joint though. Unless they had a splint that I couldn’t see there’s no way someone wasn’t holding it if it was a broken bone.




They said just then reports are it is broken looking at 6-9 months


I’m 100% sure as soon as we were getting on top by 1/4 time the umps were instructed to keep the game close and by that they had to award god knows how many frees to keep Sydney in it The afl obviously wants thurs night footy to succeed and need top games like this to be close I’m glad it failed and we shoved it up them anyway even with the bias against us


Giving Vlaustin 5 tonight… 4 for the speccy over Franklin and 3 for the little chin tap to Parker. Add another 4 for his game overall, 11 outa 5.


Replay starting on Foxtel now :tiger:


Higgo addressing the boys at half time


Outstanding !

Can you give me a hand with my multi next week ?

Just on the game -

Robbed senseless again. Cut and paste.

The free kick count obviously only tells half the story , not taking into account where they’re paid or farcical 50 meter penalties that would cost a lesser team the game , but at one stage in the 3rd qtr it was 12-11 in our favour , and the next time I looked it was 23-16 in their favour.

Collingwood have had about 140 more free kicks than we’ve had this year.

How is that even possible ?

Oh yeh , sorry , back to the game.

It was an important one for a few reasons. Top spot obviously , and maybe a bit of a mental edge over a team we might meet on a bigger , more intimidating stage later in the year.

Also because every team queueing up behind us on the ladder all have very winnable games this week.

I thought it was a f***ing great win , and a real statement.


All the best to Reece , and even if he never plays again we can look on the bright side.

If he has a kid who can play footy , after tonite he now qualifies for father son.


Another proud tiger fan moment when the team all to a man went over to him. And all class from Gary Rohan who must be a bloody good human.


wow great game we have now been in the match of the round our last two games

we have won both of those blockbuster games

and with a bit of authority in the end

both opponents , given half chances would hit the score board showing why they both sit high on the ladder

Tigger - sensational

Jack - sensational

Prestia - have 8 weeks off and play like that in a high pressure game wow

Now is this a first ??? Nank won the ruck 41 hit outs to 39 !!! laid a lazy 10 tackles

Cotch and his leg/knee will be a concern

Conca :frowning:

the Gary Rohan act , there is an unfortunate side to it ! he will be showered with frees for a sustained period , again

that aside I did like it , actions speak louder than words and all that




Roos on Fox footy thought that Razor Ray was close to getting 1 vote for the game,248,2628,1596,1096,896,564,.mp4.csmil/master.m3u8


The stats I like Round 15:

Rank Player Pressure Acts
1 Graham 31
2 Caddy 30
3 Prestia 24
4 Higgins 23
5 Nankervis 22


Rank Player Meters Gained
1 Short 722
2 Vlastuin 525 (1 metre more than last week!)
3 Riewoldt 520
4 Grigg 510
5 Lambert 494


Rank Player Score Involvements
1 Riewoldt 11
2 Lambert 9
3 Grigg 8
4 Cotchin 7
4 Vlastuin 7
4 Higgins 7
4 Prestia 7