AFL 2018 - Round 16 - Richmond vs Adelaide


Saw this and had to share


Now that is funny

What is with these guys and joking around on game day

Loving that about them as well


Good find Ned ! That’s a classic.


After the 5 minute mark of the first quarter it was party time. Adelaide were never in the contest despite what the scoreboard said. We got them at a good time. However, if Doedee doesn’t win the RS this year I’ll be very surprised. Loved his game.

For us Loved Lambo, Edwards and Dusty’s game. Broady was having his best game that I’ve seen him play…shame about his noggin. Dylan Grimes is a wonderful human. He should show his grandchildren the play where he runs away from Hampton. Then tell them Hampton had electric speed. Adelaide fans should riot if he plays again this year. Loved Nank’s battle with Jacobs. Grigg just keeps getting to the right spots. Jack R. Did his role as per, same with Cotch and Caddy. Loved Prestia’s first quarter. Love the new song!!! Bloody awesome banger.

Didn’t like: Dustin running around shot on goal thing. Jack’s set shot in the third after Cotch put a ribbon on a perfect left foot kick. Broad and Graham getting hurt. Not a lot else really.

Me and the fella I watched it with constantly looked at each other shaking our heads, huge grins from ear to ear. Love this team, love this club.


One thing that sort of bugs me is when I read that our team is bereft of talent but wins because of their connection, their team first approach, their togetherness etc. Dusty, Cotch, Jack, Rance, Edwards, Prestia, Caddy, Rioli, Vlastuin, Astbury, Higgins, Short’s kicking, Lambo. There’s some talent there…




Because now that Hardwick realised his mistake he has bought back fun to the game for the boys which is what it should really be all about. I heard Eddie McGuire speak 2-3 weeks back about the boys having more classes on just footy bullshit than what high education types would have going for their degree or whatnot. That crap has been cut out now and its back to footy. Go back to our dismal year 3 years back and blokes like Deledio wanting to leave, rumours of Rance retiring early and Jack looking elsewhere just due to bullshit and it not being fun, now its fun and they are playing for each other and I bet not one wants to leave now. Kudos on Hardwick for copping the slap he deserved and changing as not many would, most people are stubborn and would continue but he finally went " Im doing it all wrong and I need to change " and listened to the Gales, Balmes and he said even his wife let him know to ease off. Then to listen to Caracella and Leppa to implement what style we have now.

He said the Higgins 3/4 time speech would be eased off last night but you watch that huddle they just got in a tighter group and you couldnt see Higgins but you know he was in the middle and when they broke there was quite a few smiles so he still did his speech/joke but they just huddled right in to cut the media. So he still wants the fun of Higgins joke to happen but doesnt want it to look like disrespecting the opposition.


And if they were dead serious and did All Australian now and picked it on form 8-9 of those guys could seriously be in it You left out Grimes


My dream: when planning their final 2018 road trip, Adelaide book an extra seat next to Tex – for the wooden spoon.


I reckon Shane Edwards should be AA this year. Ditto Jack. But my guess is, Rance Dusty (perhaps on the interchange) will be the only ones. Not necessarily a bad thing - I Know Rumpole dislikes the whole AA thing as pointless.


What a fantastic win! I haven’t watched the replay but at the ground I thought Prestia and Lambert were the highlights in the midfield. Prestia’s inside clearance work was fantastic, actually we seem to go ok with the clearances, able to extract to the wing and to a running Tiger.

That is the best AFL game I have seen Moore play, ran really well and took some nice marks. CEllis was also good and I think it was a good move from Cotchin I am guessing putting himself in the back half and putting Corey in the midfield in the last quarter.

How good is our backline? Even with two premiership players out they work together seamlessly.

What a time to be a Tigers supporter.


I read an interesting comment about Gibbs, that Carlton plays worse without him, and the Crows play worse with him.


I see the Crows players have the word ‘hybrid’ on their jumpers. In Tex’s case, I’d suggest that means he’s a cross between a tosser and a wanker.


I didn’t get to see the match in real time. Just finished watching the replay, and tried to do so somewhat objectively, with fresh eyes. A few observations:

  • It’s never been so obvious to me before what a great aquisition Prestia is – his lightning reflexes and decision making in congestion just make us so much better

  • Same with Rioli in terms of talent and reflexes; both are integral to the ‘icing on the cake’

  • Ditto with Edwards; I have no idea how he does it

  • I love all the others as well.


Interesting how we’re making the 30 metre handpass a trademark. I suspect Flea has been on the green stuff. Funny how that long inside handpass invariably totally opens up a defence. I wonder if Josh and Kane are having a competition on who does it best.


He’ll be the first player picked !

He’s a lock.


One player we haven’t mentioned who deserves a shout out for his perfomance last night , particularly in the second half , is Brandon Ellis.

I thought he had a huge second half , mostly playing that Vlaustin type role inside the arcs , where he intercepts the opposition’s panicky ‘just kick it long and high to get it the hell out of Richmond’s fwd 50’ kicks and then helps ensure the ball quickly gets sent back inside our fwd 50 for another repeat entry.


Thought B Ellis looked hungry , determined


A Hawks supporter “I knew you guys were good but not this good”

His come back was “talk to me when you’ve win 3 in a row”


Is it just me? … I got the feeling we never really hit top gear, even in the last Q.