AFL 2018 - Round 16 - Richmond vs Adelaide


Not just you. I feel that we can still take it up a notch or two.


You’d think we would be tracking along like last year and peak about 6 weeks before the grand final


Couldn’t agree more.

Thought we fumbled and missed handball targets more than I’ve seen for a long time.

In 20 years watching Dusty I’ve never seen him fumble the ball as much as he did in the first half.


I think they played as if they are still to find their best form. There were a lot of clever handballs and so on, but there was a sense of the best being yet to come – when people like Martin get back to top form.


I’m gonna buck the trend and say that we’ve clearly taken it up a level since the bye.

We’re not getting enough reward on the scoreboard for our total dominance at times , but other than that , we can’t do much more than we’re currently doing.

We played the Swans for top spot on a ground where their recent record is second to none and kicked their arse. Should’ve won by more in my opinion.

Then on Friday night we played some brilliant football for sustained periods to obliterate the Crows.

I reckon we’re flying !

Shame about the two injuries though. Both are important players.


Here are some interesting stats. These are the inside 50s differentials for Richmond’s two games either side of the bye >>


RICHMOND – Total I/50s = 101 ( average 50.5 )

OPPOSITION - Total I/50s = 129 ( average 64.5 )




RICHMOND – Total I/50s = 128 ( average 64 )

OPPOSITION - Total I/50s = 88 ( average 44 )



Agree we are playing better than before the bye. Definitely better than this time last year.

Agree we can get even better if we can stop the fumbles and hit the targets more often. Yet another level to go to especially since Martin has been on holidays until have time in Friday’s game.

Bit worried by the growing injury list. Dont need any more.


Not sure about this fumbling business ?

The kamikaze way we play to keep the ball moving forward any which way we can , means that we’re always gonna miss some targets here and there or not gain clean possession.

Whether it’s the sharpness of the Harlem Globetrotter type tap ons , or Edwards trying something that’s never been done before , or Butler attempting to dribble the ball past 3 opponents to our advantage soccer style and it doesn’t come off , it doesn’t appear to matter at the moment ?

It seems the buy in is so great that we just know , even if we don’t pull it off there’ll be another 3 tigers there to mop up.


Something that I saw a few times was a low bounce off the ground handball. I haven’t noticed it previously, it was quite effective in this game.


Graham, Broad and Butler will miss at least a couple weeks each

Houli will play if he trains all week

So you’d think ins this week will be

Vlastuin - Houli - Bolton


Graham will need an operation but will put it off until the end of the season and tape it and avoid certain movements to get through. Will probably be 3-4 weeks before it has settled enough to play.

Broad probably an op and plates inserted. Best case 2-3.

Not sure what Butler’s ankle issue is but given they jabbed him and got him back on it isn’t too serious.


The reports I’ve read state he won’t require an operation and it’s a short- medium term injury.


The stats I like Round 16:

Rank Player Pressure Acts
1 Martin 33
2 Prestia 32
3 Rioli 28
4 Nankervis 25
5 Cotchin 21
5 Graham 21


Rank Player Meters Gained
1 Lambert 627
2 Short 599
3 Edwards 574
4 Martin 495
5 Prestia 458


Rank Player Score Involvements
1 Prestia 11
2 Lambert 10
3 Edwards 7
3 B Ellis 7
3 Riewoldt 7
3 Moore 7
3 Martin 7


Yeah that will be referring to the short term Amigo.

He won’t need an operation this season and will be back fairly quickly but with a high prospect of re-injuring.

Come season end he will have an operation to ‘tighten’ the joint in an attempt to avoid future dislocations.