AFL 2018 Round 17 GWS vs RICHMOND


Big game as we don’t win interstate

Outs - Graham - Broad - Butler

Ins - Vlastuin - Bolton - Houli ( I’d say Menadue will get nod if Houli misses )

Greene and Deledio might be back for them but they are still missing Cameron and Patton and if the above 2 do return I’d doubt they’d handle the pressure after not playing for around 3 months.

Tiges by 35


100 games – David Astbury


That’s a bit of a stretch TT ?

Our record interstate is ok over recent seasons , and so far we haven’t played The Bears on our 2nd home gound The Gabba , The Fold Coast up at Dreamworld , or pathetic Freo in Perth , or Sydney at their bogey ground…The SCG.

We played the Crows in what was their 2018 Grand Final ( they’ve barely won a game since ) , then an in-form Port ( no team would’ve beaten them that night ) and ditto West Coast in Perth.

I think we broke some attendance records ( or went close ) in all three of those games , which I assume means there was a huge build up to the game in those states.

Everyone wants to beat the reigning premiers , and all the tourists pack the stands to have a look at The Mighty Tiges.

Performance levels by all three of those teams dropped significantly in the weeks following their win against us.

And I don’t know the answer to this question , but who has beaten those three teams on their home deck this season ?

Only one I can recall was when West Coast ( minus their entire forward line ) didn’t show up against Essendon , due to being pretty pleased with themselves after beating us in their ‘big game’ a few weeks prior

Anyhows , The Greatest Waste of Space ( or GWS for lazy people ) have been travelling ok recently and will pose a threat…for a quarter or two.

Tiges by 10 goals


We are 0-3 away this year Yes we played good teams but we still lost all 3 So no stretch at all


BWS to you


I’d like to see Bolton get a game. Given he’s been playing midfield the past few weeks I’m hoping he’ll be able to run the game out better then he has in the past.


You would think he would be the most likely to replace Butler and the fact they have been playing him midfield a little and same for Higgins they may bring him in and he and Higgins alternate between forward and midfield.

Or they may just want the typical small forward to play Butlers role and Stengle gets the gig.


Sounds like Baker may debut?


Yeah Hardwick said Baker or Bolton were in line so we shall see.


In - Bolton - Vlastuin - Houli

Out - Graham - Broad - Butler


Good he got a game, now I’m hoping he’s learnt a few things about team first.


This is probably the game where our football dept decide if Bolton is a keeper or not, given the speculation of interstate interest in him.


Nup. No way. And in the end it’s not up to Hardwick anyway…

He could pick him all year and he could still want to go home (Tim Kelly).


Extremely interesting for us all to watch how Bolton, Higgins and C Ellis are used (and how they perform) over the next 2-3 weeks, in particular what roles they may play in the midfield rotations, and how effective they perform those roles.

Higgins is already tracking upwards.

We know that tackle numbers and pressure acts have been a focus for Shane and Corey in the VFL, and they have improved in those areas. Time now to see if that can translate into sustained AFL-level performance.

I’d love to see:

  • Higgins apply some of the inside grunt we’ve lost with Graham and Conca being out
  • Bolton demonstrate that he knows when and how to switch from an aggressive hunter in congestion to an elusive cat-like attacker in open space.
  • C Ellis continue to build his defensive side while maintaining his above-average decision making and disposal.

While we don’t want players out with injuries, this situation forces us to adapt and experiment. If the result is a squad of 26-30 players who could all perform at a satisfactory level in a finals series, then that puts us in a strong position heading into the back end of the season.

On that note, I wonder if Soldo or Coleman-Jones will get a run at some point. We seem to have no Plan B should Nank go down.


Higgins had some early success, notably against the Demons, when he kicked 3 goals from memory.

I don’t see him tracking upwards. In fact, I see his performances as flat lining below his early promise.

He’s only first year, but for a small on baller/forward there are concerns about his kicking imo. Some of his set shots have been horrendous, he struggles to kick 40m with a set shot.

Early days in his AFL career I know, but a few concerning issues emerging.

On the positives, he reads the play well, and is good defensively, it’s the offensive side that needs improvement.


I should have been clearer. I was referring to his performance now he is being given more minutes in the midfield. We don’t need him as a specialist small forward, not only because we have a surplus already, but, as you so rightly point out, he has shown himself to be an appalling set shot.


He’s only played 11 games so prob not used to the pace of the game yet, that will come with more game time.

I heard a player say the other day how fast this game is in your first year then into your 2-3rd seasons it slows right down for you and you start making better decisions.

Higgins I think in time will be fine, his disposal efficiency is actually better than Dusty’s right now but both of them have to get that up


I’ve thought for a while the Dusty is carrying a soft tissue injury as his output is down this season, he just looks a little sluggish out on the ground. Getting caught from behind a bit more often


And has increased his fitness levels to allow him to play more than a quarter and a half at this level.


85 pt win to reserves and Stengle 5 so Bolton would want to play well