AFL 2018 Round 17 GWS vs RICHMOND


Umpiring was utter crap yet again, the difference in interpretation between the 2 sides was laughable. See the putting your ball over the ball decision against Dusty, then what GWS got for the same thing. Ordinary kicking for goal by the young ones tonight, don’t get too close to the man on the mark and drop the ball to boot correctly, the basics in shooting for goal. A couple get lost at the level, agree with Vossy we missed Butler tonight his speed and nous around goal. Cotchin was quiet most of the night, tried to impose himself in the last quarter. Better game from Dusty only on a couple of occaisions did his disposal let him down.


Bolton just doesn’t belong in our team. Doesn’t work anywhere near hard enough & when presented with an opportunity to show us his worth, he competely stuffs it up. Stengle in next week. Much ss been said of Castagna & I sincerely hope the finger is pointed squarely at him. Fix the set shots or be gone. We dominated that last quarter but the butchering was a flashback to 2007.

Oh well, I keep getting told we need to lose one before the finals.


Yes, we did not combine as smoothly as our best team does.

We similarly missed Broad in defence, C Ellis just didn’t step up, we looked unusually shaky there on numerous occasions.


I thought our decision making was really poor at times tonight. Need to practise our mindfulness this week. I wish we’d just aim for the goal square in dying minutes. Thought Grimes was great except for decision in dying minutes.


2am and just trundled back into canb I had a quick check of the stats

And I see one line Callum Ward and Lachie withfield instrumental

Well that’s half right Ward BOG Withfield got a lot of cheap possessions and from marks with plenty of time missed targets by 20mtrs + , I counted 5 in a row at one stage , he missed plenty before that , that’s why I started counting Without him they win comfortably

George is back to his bad goal kicking from last year

We appeared flat , the whole team I think Hardwick was sending it too Simpson to Ward at centre bounces was a huge plus for them Nank well beaten till 3/4 and lifted in the last Grimmmes very good Rance mostly good Jack very good Houli ok coming off such a long break Tigger looked like the break stopped his momentum, was ok but not in the brilliant form of before Cellis quiet Bellis serviceable, professional Moore , quiet , there is a hint , but needs to be stronger around the ball Higgins a little quiet Cotch , numbers down but used the ball well and injected himself at important times Lambert, Dusty & Prestia seemed like they couldn’t get into top gear , but all did some nice work I felt the match was lost before those horrible shots at goal by not being clean thru the midfield and some poor decision making In the end the game was there to be stolen but we didn’t grab our chances


We’re goin’ a bit overboard with the criticism here folks.

GWS played out of their skins tonite , on their home deck , and we were a little off our game.

The result ? They got us by 2 points.

And I dare say if Bolton had kicked that goal to level the scores we probably would’ve won.

But he didn’t , he kicked it out on the full.

Ten minutes before that shot at goal the commentator said we’d kicked 6.14 from set shots.

Castagna could’ve kicked 6…but he kicked 0.

That’s the game right there.

We’ll be ok though coz we’re a bloody good team , and I thought the way we hit back after they jumped us early was pretty impressive.

We simply didn’t make the most of our dominance…again , and that was always gonna cost us a game sooner or later.

Let’s see how they go against us at the G in September.


Correct @Black

More scoring shots, more inside 50s , they took full advantage when they had the run of play, we didn’t

Major stars well down. Cotchin missing so was Caddy. Martin 7 kicks straight to a GWS player

Despite all that lost by 2 points on their home ground with their season on the line.

Still on top of the ladder

And the sun came up this morning


I won’t retract my criticism of Whitfield

I will assert GWS are a well coached side They have a lot of structure and a lot of practised small moves to clear stoppages, to exit defence etc and they played top 8 quality footy last night

We looked flat , we have come off 3 games that were built up and played with semi finals like intensity (geel,Swans,crows) , the Richmond crowd seemed sympathetic to that and weren’t roasting them

The inexperienced players had trouble getting involved Moore , cellis , Higgins, to a lesser degree Bolton He presented well

You can feel the love of the Richmond crowd for Rioli , he worked super hard off the ball , and although we only got “a few crumbs” his class was on display

Dusty might not be hitting the heights of last year but I counted 4 kicks/passeges of play that were ‘no one else on the ground’ and that includes Cotch Rioli and all of the GWS silk brigade , and we have him , how good is that

There’s more to come from Dusty and the whole , so the sky isn’t falling


Yep the way we played indicated to me some of the boys were a little bit tired from post bye hit outs Now that big boy month is upon us, the team has a chance to regulate the compass towards peaking at the right time in September.

Short is a long kick. Very imPrestia with Dion.

Trust the plan.


Oh well, to paraphrase Meatloaf, ‘none out of three ain’t bad’.


It’s good that we are trialling new players, because depth is important to sustained success.

Unlike last year, when the players we introduced clicked immediately, players like Broad, Graham, Castagna, Butler and Townsend, so far to me it seems none of the new players have clicked.

Moore has shown glimpses, so has Higgins, but they’ve also shown lengthy glimpses of sub standard play. Bolton completely botched his opportunity against GWS and indications are he’s a good VFL player. It’ll be interesting to see how Moore and Higgins develop, they are certainly being given every opportunity to make it at senior level. I have reservations about both.

It would be great if Townsend can recapture his 2017 form and return to the seniors, having a reliable set shot at goal is such a bonus for the team.

From what I’ve seen of the VFL, Baker seems the best prospect for a good backup small forward, I hope he gets an opportunity in the seniors this week against the Saints.




What about Stengle’s 6 goal effort? :slight_smile:


Jack is up for mark of the year:


I agree. There’s upside.

Moore is developing each game. He’s no superstar, but he works hard and is finding his feet at the level.

GWS rolled the dice and it worked, because their skills are super. One touch collections of hot hand and ground balls under pressure let them beat us fair and square for periods.

They also had times where they looked likely to succumb, but to their credit, they had enough in the bank to hold us out.

It’s disappoining, particularly the multiple missed goals by several players, but they missed quite a few gettable shots as well.

Saints this week to play us back into form.


AFLCA votes:

10 Callan Ward (GWS)

8 Lachie Whitfield (GWS)

6 Dustin Martin (RICH)

2 Stephen Coniglio (GWS)

2 Daniel Rioli (RICH)

1 Zac Langdon (GWS)

1 Dylan Grimes (RICH)


We’re also dealing with something that we’ve not had to worry about for nearly 40 years…being the reigning premier.

Opposition teams bring their very best effort against us every single week , which means we have to mentally be the strongest team in the comp.

It’s such a brutal game that it’s tough to keep backing up week after week.

We’re making a great fist of it so far though and I think we’ve already proven the moronic haters like Grant Thomas wrong ( which isn’t a difficult thing to do mind you )

We are a very , very good team and are every chance to go back to back if the injury gods stay kind to us.



Jack dropped the car last week Ned.



I reckon he was the 2nd best player on the park behind Ward.

Grimes is an outstanding player.

Never beaten , plays on talls and smalls , has ridiculous courage , never panicks , always makes the right decision , and one other thing…

He NEVER turns it over.


The stats I like Round 17:

Rank Player Pressure Acts
1 Prestia 22
2 Grigg 17
2 C. Ellis 17
4 Caddy 15
4 Martin 15
4 Lambert 15


Rank Player Meters Gained
1 Martin 669
2 Short 661
3 Prestia 547
4 B. Ellis 464
5 Houli 386


Rank Player Score Involvements
1 Martin 11
2 Short 8
2 Castagna 8
2 Rioli 8
4 Riewoldt 8


They talk about this in the second chapter - in any case TL;DL (listen) The weakness: Richmond are inefficient.


I reckon every club’s opposition analyst went into overdrive when the stat came out last week that we were 18th in the comp for clearances.

Clubs would’ve known our tactic already in that regard , but when the best team in the AFL officially becomes the worst clearance team in the AFL then it demands attention.

In my opinion , that massive anomaly is because of the parameters which define the clearance stat , coz the truth is , we almost always win the clearance in heavy congestion.

It’s just that we don’t win the initial clearance.

We basically give that to the opposition , which totally goes against the grain of all successful teams since clearance stats have been recorded.

All previous data tells us that if you comfortably win the clearances , you’ll win the game.

We’re changing that whole line of thinking…and I love it !