AFL 2018 - Round 18 - St Kilda vs Richmond


The Martin free was one of the softest we have received in a long time, perhaps it was makeup for the previous week’s one they missed? :slight_smile: The rest of the night the Saints fans were able to cry for frees even thou they were getting 2 to our 1. Clinical victory, Martin, Prestia & Lambert cut them up in the first half then cruised in the 2nd half, I think Martin was off the ground for quite a while. An interesting style from the Saints player trying to tackle Martin with a couple of minutes to go in the 2nd, by leading with his face to Martin’s head.


Conner Mendue and Cory Ellis, like players, both have had a chance to put their case forward in the last fortnight. Both have things to like; Ellis’ kick and Menadue speed. They look like they haven’t got it that they should be there. Both fluffed their chances to kick a snag. If your going with one, who?


If had to keep one and let the other walk I’d keep Menadue. He just seems like he will have more upside than Cory to me although both arent setting the world on fire. Ellis just seems to go into his shell once he hits afl level and I think a Menadue has shown more at afl level than Ellis has


The free kicks I was surprised about were Jack’s. He got 2 inside the 50! That usually doesn’t happen!


2018 season stats for absolute charity free kicks paid inside 50.

Opposition - 20

Richmond - 1


The Richmond saints game thread on big footy was almost in melt down with Crows supporters completely losing their shit over that free, while they are doing that they can’t move on … Love it


Calling all old farts I’d been thinking this on and off for a while When we start rushing the ball forward from half back to the wing I’ve been having flash backs to 73/74 I’m far fRom saying they were identical but the running in waves thing What we did 72-74 was considered ground breaking

Does anyone else feel that there is something similar between the two eras ?


One was for a ruck infringement so it doesn’t really count as a Jack free.:grin:




Not sure if it’s been pointed out on this thread yet but…

We absolutely destroyed St.Kilda on Friday night.

It was a clinic right from the opening bounce and it was just beautiful to watch.

They , along with the media were talking up St.Kilda’s chances due to their recent form but we put paid to that in about 5 minutes lol.

Must say I was a little perplexed at all the media preamble prior to the start of the game ?

All they talked about was how we got belted the last time we met them , yet not one mention that we also played them a few weeks later at the G and gave 'em a hiding ?


Or beat them this year at the G. Hopefully we’ll hear the last of that game now.


Yeh we’ve killed that one off now. Whacked it over the head with a shovel !


Was looking at some season stats and I gotta say , those who live and die by their stats will be working overtime to figure us out.

I can see 'em in their geekdom , shaking their heads saying ‘it’s just not possible ???

How can they reconcile the fact that we’re >>

1st for least opposition points scored per game.
2nd for average points scored per game.
2nd for average of I/50s per game.
4th for least opposition I/50s conceded.

And yet we’re >>

12th for average kicks per game
13th for handballs
16th for marks
13th for tackles
17th for hitouts
17th for clearances.

I’m kinda baffled myself ?

I haven’t checked the stats but it’s hard to think that any team in history has ever even been inside the eight at this stage of the season with those numbers , let alone siiting a game , plus a truckload of percentage clear on top of the ladder and are clearly the best team in the comp presently ???


That’s because we are a team and leaving those that rely on individuals behind in our week


Last week ? :rofl:

I can only think that we’re so explosive on the rebound , including using those basketball tap-ons and soccer kicks ( which don’t register as a stat obviously ) that we do it using very few kicks , handballs , marks , or tackles and we don’t create stoppages , so there’s no need to win a clearance ?

Then once we get it I/50 , our forward pressure locks the ball in so well ( again with minimum possessions etc ) and we set up our wall of Vlaustin etc with such precision that we get the ball back inside fifty with , again , the absolute miminum need to kick , handball , mark , tackle or win a clearance.

That’s probably all complete crap lol , but if anyone has a better theory I’d like to hear it ?


Do kicks off the ground really not count as a kick??? So Jack steven was credited with a goal last week and no kicks? Awesome.


Dunno actually ?

That kick wasn’t really ‘off the ground’ as such. I know that it was out of his arse !

Anyhows , if they do count then Butler and Rioli should be getting credited with 30 kicks every week lol.

I guess toe-poke’s to advantage don’t count as a kick ?

We are #1 in the AFL for goal assists differential per game , so maybe they don’t count as a kick but do count as an assist ?


They only count if they go 15 metres or end with an uncontested possession for a team mate so an AFL stats guru tells me.


And if they don’t go 15 metres and don’t directly go to the opposition they are called an ineffective kick.


Makes sense.

And hey , you’ve shown great courage and spirit to post on here tonite after the devastating news today of the eminent demise of Castlemaine Rock ( of the candy variety )