AFL 2018 - Round 18 - St Kilda vs Richmond


Bloody putrid stuff.

Mind you, could be really clever marketing. They will probably sell 100k tins in the next week.


Oops wake. I know premature Alzheimer’s. Got you all thinking there didn’t I


Ha !

You could hear the collective groan of dentists right across the state when that big announcement was made.


The doc reckons I got Alzheimer’s and dyslexia Vines…err sorry I meant Gracie , but that’s jsut total carp.


Let’s break it down

When we get one we try to lock it in our forward line
Der every team tries to do that
But we take the press further

  1. offer them the boundary line
  2. try and cover the space 45 deg to 45 deg with a good spread of players so any pass into that space is at risk of being cut off
  3. have all the defenders push up and increase the player numbers/density of the press
    They take a boundary line option on a kick out , we leave them the goal square (going back wards ) short up the boundary line
    And give the switch player a teasing 15 20 MTRS of space (a trap)

Over the course of the game they chip the ball around not wanting to kick to a contest , but mostly they do in the end
They’ll have 3-8 stats per attempted exit
We’ll spoil the ball or intercept , re enter 50 and put a shot on goal
If it’s a behind or boundary throw in the whole pressure thing repeats

We get multiple I/50’s , they don’t
While the opposition get plenty of stats trying to work around or pick thru our defence

When we have to transition the ball forward we try to get the ball into the hands of. Short , Houli , Marin and even Rance & Astbury who will run and carry and try to kick the ball long
Less stats for every 50 MTRS gained

And for the percentage thing , that’s because we score more than they do :slight_smile:

Now you know


Verbal diarrhea, I’d say … for this evening, at least. Never seen such rapid-fire output from a keyboard since I went to a Rick Wakeman concert.


Doc said I’m a physcooathic stalker
I said I’m confused ? I don’t follow :slight_smile:


Media bringing up Saints win last year

If they went the other way and said wow wee this is a mismatch , no contest here

Ratings would plummet


Wish I was Phsycooathic.


Haha !

Speaking of wow wee , it was a nice brush off that Big Nankers gave BT in the ‘Roaming Numskull’ segment after the game.


Well it’s more about what the opposition doesn’t score when it comes to percentage , but I get your flow.

Hmmm ? Decent post chook but I’m not totally convinced on all that being the reason for the weird stats we’ve got.

I understand that we force our opposition to over-possess the ball , but to be ranked so low in some of those stats is unheard of for a successful team… I think ?


You are forgetting the extra 3-4 players the opposition has each week, that we still overcome on most occasions.
Isn’t this interesting to Round 18! Expect to be spiflicated by the umps on Saturday…
1.Collingwood +79 (399 for, 320 against)
2.North Melbourne +72 (397, 325)
3.West Coast +66 (392, 326)
4.Western Bulldogs +42 (367, 325)
5.Adelaide +36 (338, 302)
7.Hawthorn +3 (368, 365)
8.Carlton 0 (374, 374)
9.Melbourne -5 (362, 367)
10.Geelong -10 (360, 370)
11.Fremantle -18 (333, 351)
11.Port Adelaide -18 (361, 379)
13.Gold Coast -26 (369, 395)
14.St Kilda -28 (334, 362)
15.Sydney -29 (347, 376)
16.GWS -47 (327, 374)
17.Essendon -63 (313, 376)
18.Richmond -88 (312, 400) 99,000* Members the highest in the league, where is our voice of affirmation? The umpires must wear ear plugs at the MCG…


AFLCA Coaches Votes

10 Dion Prestia (RICH)
8 Dustin Martin (RICH)
5 Kane Lambert (RICH)
3 Dylan Grimes (RICH)
2 Jack Riewoldt (RICH)
1 Toby Nankervis (RICH)
1 Trent Cotchin (RICH)


To put it simply the opposition sides chip out around to try and beat our wall

That gets their stats up …simple


The worm is turning , what about that free to Dusty at the start of the game

How in Richmond like was that ?


Come on Crush , Blind Freddy can see that it’s our lack of skill and discipline which causes the free kick count to be so ridiculously lopsided every single f***ng week !

Once we get a grasp on executing the basic skills of Aussie Rules and stop giving away silly free kicks due to the frustration of being 10 goals down yet again , I’m sure the opposition won’t be receiving twice the amount of free kicks that we receive…every single f***ing week !

The 24-13 free kick count against St.Kilda just shows how much work is required for us to get to the level of team as skilled and disciplined as St.Kilda is.

The odds for us getting more free kicks than Collingwood this week would have to be close to 1,000 /1 but I won’t be taking that bet unless they offer me 10,000 / 1

Absolute JOKE !

It’s just indefensible , pure umpire bias and I’m starting to get really f***ing sick of it.


The stats I like Round 18:

Rank Player Pressure Acts
1 Caddy 21
1 Rioli 21
3 Cotchin 20
4 Nankervis 19
5 Lambert 16
5 Higgins 16


Rank Player Meters Gained
1 Short 642
2 Martin 563
3 Prestia 382
4 B. Ellis 300
5 Caddy 298


Rank Player Score Involvements
1 Martin 14
2 Prestia 12
3 Riewoldt 10
4 Grigg 9
4 Higgins 9