AFLX 2018: your thoughts?


What are people thinking about this AFLX stuff?

Players seem to like the change up in pre season focus towards speed and skills rather than volume. Seems like a good chance to expose some kids while easing the vets into game stuff. Other than that, I don’t think it will capture the hearts and minds of footy fans…my guess is, the AFL want to use it as an entry point for sports fans from non-AFL backgrounds to get into the sport both as a participant and as a spectator. Nothing wrong with that as a strategy.


Yea not my idea of a fun thing but then I am no lover of 20/20 cricket either as I much prefer the longer forms.

Maybe it’s because I am older. Still I’ll follow our efforts it where I will watch a game of football even without the Tigers in it I couldn’t see myself watching AFLX without us in it.

I suppose like all things time will tell.


Totally fair assessment. I’m looking forward to it, but I doubt I’d watch it every week. The preseason is boring anyway, so this might make it a bit more interesting.


10 a side and a rectangular field. It is going to look strange! The ladies starts tonight.


Its a wait and see for me. From what I’ve heard on radio and TV (and read nothing about it) so far … the concept hasn’t got my juices flowing.


Seen a little bit of it so far, it’s certainly very quick, bringing the ball in with a kick out after any score makes it quite frantic with almost no stoppages.

As an option for when there is a lack of available sized grounds or numbers to make full teams, I think it is not a bad one.


I wasn’t a fan of 20/20 cricket when it first appeared on the scene, but it has grown on me to the extent that I avidly followed BBL and WBBL this year.

It will probably take a similar time for me to appreciate AFLX, but I have an open mind.


AFLX Tournament Saturday, February 17 Allianz Stadium, Sydney Gates open at 3.00pm

AFLX Squad:

7 Dan Butler

11 Jason Castagna

15 Jayden Short

27 Sam Lloyd

28 Jack Higgins

30 Reece Conca

32 Corey Ellis

35 Nathan Broad

36 Callum Moore

38 Noah Balta

41 Mabior Chol

43 Derek Eggmolesse-Smith

44 Tyson Stengle

46 Ben Miller

48 Liam Baker


Good get to have a look at Balta, Moore and Miller


No Bolton?


Yea surprised about that too


I’ve played this the past 3 years it’s very fast and a lot of fun, it’s meant to be non contact so that’s where it gets interesting because we’re trained from early on for contested and physical footy and to try stop that doesn’t work too well


Think you’re talking about AFL 9s TH, which is similar but different.


started off as 9’s then changed to 7’s


No Menadue either


I would have thought that Nathan Broad’s suspension would have included this series as well. I was surprised to see him named.


I’m surprised Bolta is there … he had soreness only a couple of weeks ago… looking forward to seeing him play.


I watched the AFLX tournament last night.

I’m still not sure if it’s something I could get to like or not.

The silver ball is something I think that they should ditch straight away. Difficult to see it even in daylight.


They’ve ditched the silver ball for the rest of the tournament as it wasn’t visible enough


People listen to @Ned. :smiley:

Respect! Ms Tantie. xox