AFLX 2018: your thoughts?


Not something I’d hang out to watch. Needs more of what makes our game - high marking, tackling, pressure, passion and aggression.

Ground needs to be longer and the 40 metre line for 10 points is a joke … I could kick that now and when I was 12 yrs old as well . 2 kicks end-to-end is just garbage.

Reminds me of circle work at training,… I know its been the “harp” all day … but it does.

Play it on a full ground with 9 or 10 players… but that wont fit the "internationalisation’ of the game…

Tell 'em they’re dreaming …


Hey, I’m still in cricket season! Also, it has sucked the oxygen out of the Women’s Comp. AFL what are you doing? AFLX has all the hallmarks of a footy game designed by the Sales and Marketing department


AFLX yea nah


Game format needs a barrel rule. A 12 point goal for Torps kicked through on the full from behind the centre line


Could solve AFLW scoring problem by reducing numbers (increases spread of skills) and playing on AFLX ground … you know it makes sense…