Anyone been to a training session ?


anyone sticking out from the crowd ?


Good question I’m a bit far away but a report or 2 would be good especially how the newbies look.



A club produced video of today’s training


I went down to Maroochydore today to watch the boys train between 9.15am and midday. It would have had to have been the hottest bloody day of the year and just standing there watching them for a couple of hours left me a great shade of purple! The boys had a lot of physicality elements combined with every drill, with contesting, tackling, simulated game play etc happening throughout the session. The boys were battling hard, were upbeat and very switched on, but my god they were suffering. Running around in a sauna like they were was hard going. Pretty willing with one bloke screaming at another bloke “Watch your f*&*^ elbows you dumb c&(^!” during marking contesting. No harm done and they rolled on, but they were pretty keen to crack in. Gave the crowd something to chuckle about. I can honestly say that I have never seen so much talent running around for our great club as what I have this year. They look bigger, stronger and ready to roll! What a time to be a Tiger!