Ben Griffiths Retires



Sad to see Ben go, but perhaps not a bad idea with the concussion worries. We are going to be continuing with the short forward line a bit longer now by the looks of it.


Tom Lynch’s offer just went up.


Not good news for @Ned who has sponsored Griff for years


Pretty poor by him I think, we stand by him after all his injuries and concerns his whole career and he cant even depart at list lodgement time to let us recruit or target someone else ? Very poor form, he claims he only just decided this ? I call bullshit, I say he had this going on in the background then left once it was going to happen and if it fell through thought he could still play with us.


Seriously? Can’t believe I read that. Thanks Ben for your hard work and dedication, particularly through trying times for both you and the Club. Hope he makes a go of it.


Or the club has been quietly working on another option for Griffiths to avoid further concussions (and potential WHS claims against the club) and it took Griffiths time to warm to the idea.

Either way l didn’t have any high hopes for Griffiths at all. Thought the club could have cut him back in October.

And not like he was a vital component of our premiership win.

Good luck Ben. Thinking you will have a great time in the US


Just baffles me why he would do this now, we obviously stuck to our guns and backed him in to get over concussions and injuries otherwise would have delisted him and been able to go for a Schache or someone else to replace him, I didnt think he would be playing seniors again anyway but he does leave us in a bit of trouble now if Jack does go down it only leaves us with Chol and Moore to step up and they look nowhere near ready. Next option is a ruck Hampson, Soldo to play there or the new kid has to step straight up Coleman- Jones.

Id be praying Jack doesnt get hurt in the physical contests this pre season


Not sure that playing gridiron is going to protect him from another concussion episode. The first time he is tackled in practice he could be cooked. Not that the kickers usually get involved physically in an actual game there, but it does happen. Didnt the ex demon(Bennett) surprise them by laying a tackle in one game?


by not pushing Ben out the door at seasons end I’d hope the playing list would see this as supporting the player first and showing the club is not totally focused on the almighty $ and the next win

there may not have been anyone on the market to recruit , don’t recall thinking we missed a good player there , players on the market seem to be types we already had covered

lets hope he does well and keeps putting Richmond and AFL out there :slight_smile:


Lynch up from $1.5 m p.a.? The AFL’s Neymar?


Not like the NCAA gives a toss about AFL list lodgement. They would make offers at the time it suits them, not us.

The lad can hoof it a mile and one look at his action would’ve had them salivating. I wish him all the best.


Like the number that he’s wearing :slight_smile:


Fair punts there seemed effortless


Onya Ben. Sad to see you go as I was always a big fan, but in some ways this guy was born to be a punter … and not the betting kind!


as opposed to a big …


He did this now because the offers only came out post AFL trading. He would have had zero promises - no point leaving the Tigers with nowhere to go… Lennon bit the bullet and didn’t go into the draft … but that is probably more to do with no interested teams… and Siposs had been in mix for a year and was in the US for some weeks prior to his scholarship announcement. … makes perfect sense … Griffiths placed himself first … that’s the game these days … good for him… there are no beg pardons when a player is cut …


I’m sure plenty of planning has already gone into who will replace Ben on the long term injury list.


Magnificent delivery from @thebigricho. And off a short run-up, too. My tip for POTY.