Breakout star 2018


Now that my man Dusty has his Reg Grundy’s sorted he will take it to the next level this year.

Best on ground every game, Brownlow, Premiership, Coleman, Norm Smith, Dyer Medal, All-Australian Captain and a statue at the MCG.


So going by reports of the past couple weeks

Coleman - Jones and Balta have injuries and soreness from the new workload so are a fair way off

Miller is apparently doing fine with it all

Baker I think also has niggles

Naish is trying to bulk up so physically nowhere near it but apparently his kicking skills are awesome

Higgins seems the most likely to be given a crack at round 1, has been training with forwards and midfield and doing it well and handling it all just fine.


Higgins, third in the time trial. That’s impressive.


He is an exciting prospect Vinesy and will be a bit of a pest too I think.


The obvious one for me is Shai Bolton. He is an absolute special and just glides. A smokey who I was watching today at training in Maroochydore is Eggmolese-Smith (I think his name is). This kid is absolutely silky smooth and if he is able to apply his skills at the level and get the pill in his hands then I think he could be anything! Makes kicking a ball look effortless and seems to tackle and compete hard as well.


Sounds like you had a good but bloody hot day @bagwarn


Stinking hot Vossy, but worth it to get around the Tiges and the faithful!


Having read this, I reckon it will be Ben Elton…

If not, Ivan “Saldo”.

Their masthead could say “The Oge” and they probably wouldn’t notice. :thinking:

Proof! Ms Tantie. xox

PS: I guess formatting is out the window in this new software? :frowning: