Chris Scott called out for his salty crap by one of his own


Pride and petulance: Chris Scott’s critique of the 2017 Richmond flag


Feb 7, 2018

Some of the more attentive footy supporters may be aware of a strange little conversation that occurred on the Monday night following Richmond’s awesome display of tactical dominance over Adelaide at the MCG on grand final day, 2017.

With speed, skill, toughness, and flair, the Tigers powered to the flag – but some weren’t impressed, especially one Chris Scott.

When asked to comment on Richmond’s win by Mark Robinson, on a well-known footy show, he first admitted his envy (which, to be fair, his coach co-panelist Allan Richardson echoed), then felt compelled to give a lecture on the defensive nature of the win.

Scott inferred the win was dour and boring, citing the 2005-06 Sydney vs West Coast grand finals as examples of great contests but poor spectacles.

So if Scott didn’t like the spectacle, one would have to presume his own team would’ve played the game as it should be played last year?

Seeing as finals are the most important and most watched games, and Scott’s assertion that the Swans-Eagles grand finals were boring, let’s start there.

The Tigers played three finals in 2017, as did Geelong – in two of Richmond’s three finals they scored over 100 points, while the Cats couldn’t crack the ton, but did limp to their lowest finals score since 1914, in the quarter-final against Richmond, scoring just five goals.

If one takes the liberty to say most fans enjoy open, free-flowing games over stoppage-ridden ones, then Richmond play a more attractive style of footy, with 42 fewer stoppages in 2017 than Geelong. That’s nearly a game’s worth.

The Tigers also had more bounces and far more metres gained – a clear sign of their running ability – than Geelong, with significantly more rebound 50s, marks inside 50, and a higher percentage. It’s clear one team was playing defensive footy, and it wasn’t the premiers.

In what became a torrid slog down at Simmonds Stadium, Richmond tried all day to run-and-gun and break open the stoppage and zone clamps put on by Scott at the narrowest of AFL grounds, but couldn’t make the game the spectacle it ought to have been.

The Round 21 clash sums up the hypocrisy of Scott’s statement. Richmond went to Geelong to play running footy – in their previous month, they had only scored under 90 points once, whereas the Cats had scored more than 90 only once.

When you support a team, you are compelled to watch them play every week – if nothing more than to see how they go. It doesn’t mean you enjoy the style of football they play, even if you’re happy with the result.

As a Cats fan, I enjoyed watching Richmond’s play more than Geelong’s in 2017. The Tigers had the high-flying athletic exploits of Jack Riewoldt up forward, contrasting with the brute strength and wrestling of Tom Hawkins.

They had speed all over the park and a bold tactical gameplan that revolutionised footy for the better, maximising the space of the MCG to produce electric passages of play.

Geelong had a stoppage-based, defensive gameplan built around trying to shut down space and make the ground smaller, while moving it forward in a measured, safe way.

In the quarters, these two styles clashed and the team that wanted to win by using space and speed, rather than simply clamping down the game with repetitive stoppages, won. It was a win for football and the spectacle of the game.

One coach may have had a ghost of a point in criticising the premiers in 2017, but it wasn’t Scott. Don Pyke’s Crows played blistering, attacking footy for much of last season, only to be overwhelmed on grand final day. Pyke however showed his class and humility in defeat, as Damien Hardwick did in victory.

Don’t get me wrong, Scott is usually a smooth mover in the footy media and the many public events he has to attend. In fact, he’s probably the best spin doctor in the coaching business. It’s perhaps why his comments about Richmond weren’t properly scrutinised. Indeed, if the tables were turned, could you imagine the outcry if Hardwick dared criticise Geelong’s style of play after a grand final win?

Scott has a right to his opinion. Maybe to him, the game looks better saturated with stoppages and where strength in the contest, height, and overall physical dominance rule the day. I prefer watching quick exciting teams that use pressure to win the ball and then break like hellfire.

Ahead of the 2018 season, many teams seem to be heading down the Richmond route of ‘speed kills’, while teams like Geelong and Adelaide will persist with positional, stoppage-based footy and height up forward.

One thing’s for sure: Chris Scott has more pressure on him than ever before, with many pundits already making Geelong their premiership favourite.


Well that is classic.

If there are people l have trouble warmimg to in the AFL it is the Scott brothers.


I can generally handle Chris, but not Brad. Geelong’s finals record since their last flag is terrible though and deserves to get picked over more than salty post GF comments.


I can’t stand either of them … at least Brad portrays as a p****, Chris tries to project a balanced commentator - a total facade…


Petulant and arrogant are the words that come to mind.


Scott was gifted a premiership team and has had a downward trajectory ever since…massive flog


To be fair to him, it wasn’t his fault he inherited a premiership caliber team. He did coach that list to a premiership so he did his job, and Geelong didn’t win it in 2010 so technically, he improved them. “Downward trajectory”??? Not sure that’s fair either, considering to avoid that label he would have to be a 7 premierships in a row coach…


I’ve been fending off barbs , Dusty style , from idiots all summer about us being the worst team in recent history to win a premiership.

I have a template response that guarantees said idiot is totally owned.

Step 1 - Ask for any sort of fact to back up that laughable notion.

Coz Grant Thomas said so’ is not accepted , due to his complete irrelevance.

'Pure jealousy’ will be accepted.

When no evidence from said fool is provided , move to step 2

Step 2 - Point out that we were close to the most dominant finals team THIS MILLENNIUM !

Step 3 - When that notion is laughed at by said jealous moron…provide evidence.

I was always in the corner of those who said the new millennium started in the year 2000 , but I’ve jumped ship and now insist that the new millennium began in 2001 and by doing so I can prove my argument , coz Essendon’s 2000 finals series was off the charts.

Their average margin in the 2000 finals series was an insane 76 points.

I’ve had Collingwood’s 2010 finals series thrown at me , 'what about Collingwood in 2010 ? Ha Gotcha !’

‘Aaah , yeh…no you didn’t ! You’ve clearly forgotten that they drew in the GF against St.Kilda , bringing their average margin back to 39 points’.

‘So , with our average margin in the 2017 finals series being 45 points , and the next best this millennium being around 42 points , I’ll see your ‘worst team in recent memory’ and raise you a ‘comfortably one of the best teams this millennium’…with cold hard stats’

Game over.

Just don’t throw this argument at a Geelong supporter coz they might point out the 2007 finals series :wink:


Oh and as for Chris Scott ?

LMAO ! We ****ing smashed his pox team !

They barely scored after quarter time.

Bloke was still in shock at how pathetic his team was against The Mighty Tiges when he made those comments on AFL360.


Some nice points there Forgery , but you might have missed the main point, it was just a jealous whinge Two bunches of sour grapes

  1. they weren’t in the GF
  2. his brother didn’t get Dusty

It’s not a careful deep analysis of the actual game, just a knee jerk reaction from a jerk


Oh forgot , the football World will be scared and super jealous of the Tiger Army What a weapon it turned out to be :slight_smile:


@Black you have some weird friends. Whenever I am in a group, and there is a fellow Tiger supporter amongst them, I always say “So, have you and I had an in depth discussion about Richmond winning the Grand Final? This will take at least two hours” Kills off any BS straight away


Agreed honestjohn, there are fellow tiger mates I had not seen for quite a while, but since the GF we met, lots of hugs and slap on back for a great game and we bask in GF glory, but eventually we set our sights on 2018 and the coming season.

We reset and have another tilt for back-go-back, Go Tiges !


For the next 32 weeks give or take we’re Premiers. All that counts.


I went hard on the winners DVD pack early then gave it a little rest. With the Winter Olympic coverage really underwhelming and aflx a bloody joke, I watched again the other night.

Cried during the 3rd quarter. Cried during lots of the post match. I kept thinking things like “gee Graham has a lot of improvement in him” and “if Butler does that this year I’ll email him!” Dimma said he didn’t think we were the best team in the comp last year. Bet he’s using that as a motivator this year. Chris Scott is a good coach and pretty savvy in the media. He’s smart enough to know he’s got 12 months to prove himself correct. And most people have short memories so if he’s proven wrong it won’t matter. The way media works, you can have a terrorist attack or natural disaster, and everyone moves on within a few days. Sad.

***also: I was lucky enough to be there that beautiful day, but I reckon I’ve watched the replay so many times my actual first person memories are now changed somewhat. Bizarre experience.


@Black your cunning rebuttal is quite solid, but it errs on the side of oxygen giving.

The simple response to such sulkiness is simply “No it wasn’t”.