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“However, he anticipated opposition to the idea from players, who would likely see their pay cut in line with a reduced broadcast rights deal.”

Sorry, who does Bernard Tomic play for again???


The same team that the Djokovic boy does who is complaining about not earning enough from tennis with a measly $138 million not doing it for him. You have to ask at what some of them are thinking. Sheesh.


Tomic must be under so much pressure but his defence mechanisms are all over the place.

Danger, citing pay packets was piss poor too. Come and see how the other half live lads.


The divide between the haves and have nots, is widening to the size of the Grand Canyon and not slowing. Trickle down working? My arse! :slight_smile: Let them eat cake!!


Personally, I’d prefer a 17 round season. I think the product would be better. Players would be fitter.

A two year cycle where you play away one year and home the next against all teams wouldn’t be difficult to work out.


Then you could do a proper pre season comp and program the AFLW later in the year, rather than squeezing it in Summer.


Add one team from Tassie (The Hobos (Hobart) ) and two from NT ( Darwa (Darwin awards)) and ( Falice)( Who the F is Alice)). 21 teams plus a bye round. 22 rounds. All teams match up once. That these new teams only have 1000* supporters each wont stop them from creaming Geelong.

  • Figures rounded roughly up or roughly down. Take your pick.


Crush , just drop the “work?” :wink:


It’s the $$$$ that are the problem.

Slice off the media revenue, reduced sponsorship, ticketing, attendance, etc and it would be a huge financial smack for the industry. No business would ever inflict it upon itself.

The other way doesn’t work from a physical point of view. Even with reduced minutes you’d need to increase lists and have players miss more. Be a significant dilution of talent.


Yep can’t see it happen


Completely and utterly ridiculous suggestion from Dangerfield. The real problem with it is that the shorter game would not be played in any other competition, and so stuffs up the pathway