Free Agents 2018


anyone hear Triple M then ?

They were talking free agents and I couldnt quite hear it properly but along the lines of why we arent moving on all our 16 uncontracted players is due to pursuing Lynch and not only him but all over Gaff too im pretty sure i heard him say.



Restricted freeagent.

Win the premiership and pick up Lynch and Gaff

That will cause the AFL to send the auditors in.


Not really all depends on who we let go to accomodate them.


Lol Griff & Hampster


I would think our salary cap would be pretty healthy at the moment.

Yarran and Hampson’s contracts will be significant reductions this year and I think we were still paying some of Deledio’s as well.


I read the other day we are paying 150k of Deledios over 3 years ??? If that’s true that’s this year and next too.

We are def after someone and it’s obviously Lynch but someone else too if that is Gaff I’m not sure but we have 16 blokes out of contract and doing nothing about them whilst Collingwood has just restarted resigning all their blokes that to me says Lynch is a tiger or a sun and we will sit on all contracts til we know and if he comes some will be leaving us.


Shaun Hampson just retired so there goes 1 guy


Coincidence that one day the tigers board asks our leadership group and some others if they want Lynch at the footy club and the next day the suns rule him out for the year ??


Saw Neil Balme interviewed tonight, and was questioned about Lynch.

He played a very straight bat…but reading his body language with my Richmond coloured glasses on, I’d say we got him :sunglasses:


I’ve always said we’d get him but now im 99.9% sure he is a tiger


It was reported this morning the suns wanted an answer about his future pronto, he told them he’d tell them after his surgery A suns source as said they believe he won’t be there next year He hasn’t commented yet but club knows his decision


He’s going to the Lakers…


So they are comparing us to the Lakers now?


Hopefully not the current Lakers…