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Should be filthier about Rance continually exaggerating it when he feels contact. Just don’t do it…looks bad, is it worth the ‘death threat’ social media reaction? Of course not, but as a supporter of Richmond I find it embarrassing.


Leigh Matthews smashing a guy behind play was a stain on his career

Ben Cousins and all the drugs incidents and running from police was a stain on his career , but the football World pretty much demanded we give him a second chance

Fevola and his constant drunken antics became a career ending stain

Mr Carey you have point , id like you to go to a conference in the US on behaviour in professional sport and represent the AFL


They were all stains on the individual’s personal character, Chook, this is a case of a stain on a footballing character. Big difference.

Not to mention that it is strategically dumb.

Umpires just won’t pay him any free kicks.


Buddy Franklin begs to differ


So does the entire population of France. Rhymes with…