Hardwick has re signed for 3 years


Damien Hardwick to coach Richmond until at least the end of 2021 and would become oir longest serving coach in that event.


The short vid the club put out of Gale announcing it to the players was bloody magnificent. Dusty’s face and their reaction was something special.


I’m very happy but I wonder how the sack Dimma brigade feel about it :grinning:


Had to happen the players love him and he’s had one year out of finals in 5 and a premiership. No brainer really


When you consider both Hinkley’s and Pyke’s contracts have also been extended to 2021, ours is definitely the correct move.

Where’s Sasher, he’s been calling for Hardwick to be signed up till 2021 since 2010. What a visionary :grinning:


As the spokesperson I can say we are focussed on the positives; it is impossible to sack someone unless they have a contract.


Dimma has not pushed for big money to keep the coaching group together according to this article



Looking back both sides of the re sign Dimma argument were right.

For the negative the argument was that nothing was working and we should try a different approach.

For the affirmative they were always confident Hardwick could win a premiership for the Tigers.

As it turns out the club did try a different approach bringing in Balme and giving Dimma a mostly new support crew. Hardwick himself changed giving the players more freedom and relaxing the game plan.

This in turned made the pro Retention mob right


The truth is that the 2017 version of Hardwick sacked the previous version, and that’s where the quantum leap came from, combined with huge input from the new folk around him.


its been a long journey for Hardwick and theres been praise and flack pretty much the whole way he started with a basket case of a list he did the coach from the boundary line thing and for a period it did seem to work , he was able to mentor young players and possibly distract them from the scoreboard

but as we improved it became obvious we were getting beaten tactically , he had to go upto the coaching box

we then had the shame of losing to the Gold Coast , and losing too many close games the coaching staff had to learn to manage the bench better in the dying minutes of games

we then had to prove we had the game plans that could beat teams in the top 8

we bled thru every little improve and 2015 had a cracker of a year only losing 5 games

but then disaster struck in 2016

was it Delideo , Ivan Maric , Troy chaplin we missed some combination Jake King created pressure in the forward line constantly whacking his head into the ribs of opponents the fading away of Ty Vickery cotchin going into his shell and only kicking between 8 -12 mtrs

were the likes of Choco Williams(and other assistants ) past their use by date and become too negative or over coaching or not keeping up with current trends ?

After a very tough 2016 the calls for his head were both predictable and some what justified clearly a clean out was needed

Hardwick has been thru a lot

I give credit to those that go us into finals in 2013/14/15 , it made watching the footy enjoyable again

2016 has been the only stinker of a year so his CV looks good and the new contract deserved


It’s a team game, Dimma’s one of the key pieces, with the playing group, assistants, Benny, the board, everyone working, assisting and volunteering at the Club and the RFC members. Long rein a successful era for the RFC! Go Tiges!


Don’t underestimate that Dimma is part of the reason that we have retained the players we needed to. His personality is a powerful positive indicator. We really only lost Deledio but retained the likes of Rance, Martin, Riewoldt et al.

Players have come as well and I know that Hardwick has been a large part of that.


I think actually the sack Hardwick line was that Hardwick had had enough chances and it was time to give someone else a go. But the club tried something radically different – and it worked. I don’t recall any of the “sign him up until Armageddon” crowd suggesting that all he needed was a completely new set of assistant coaches, a director of football and Dusty winning every individual award bar the Coleman .