JLT 1 Richmond vs Essendon in Wangaratta


Well, I’m all booked in to go to this. Anyone else going? I moved to Wangaratta from Fukuoka last year. Got to see a premiership and now the team will be playing on my doorstep (It’s only a two minute walk from my house). I’m taking the wife and kids. Hopefully it’ll be a good day out!


Have a good one TO. Looking forward to reading your thoughts from the game.


Just give a good report @Tora_Otaku as @Vines said we will await your thoughts


I’ll try to write something afterwards. It’s going to be a busy weekend though. I’m also going to a dinner/interview night thing which involves Dusty, Cotchin and Naish tomorrow. Hopefully I can have a chat with them.


Fukuoka!!??? I have an acquaintance called Oka… I probably shouldn’t get into a discussion about your travels TO




Things we have learnt today:

  1. We are certainties to win the flag.

  2. Dusty is a certainty to win the Brownlow.


Essendon has been deplorable. They’ve looked timid against how hard our blokes go in


It was nice to see us flog them like that. I hope we hand out a few more like that! Martin was awesome. Bolton showed a lot. Great tackles/smothers/pressure acts. I didn’t realise he had such a great leap on him.

I actually went to a function to last night where Cotch and Dusty answered questions. It was pretty good. Nice to hear them talk without the pressure of being analysed by the media.

Shame they didn’t sign autographs last night or today. My kids were really keen to get something signed. I did win ten tickets to the races in last nights raffle though!


@thebigricho you crack me up, Mr Hyde on this forum, Dr Jekyll on the other


Just read through the JLT thread on Bomber Blitz (they have the same software as Ned has given us here).

Funniest read since looking at the Adelaide forum’s GF thoughts.

Seems Essendon had gastro through the team during the weak. We are the umps favourites. Cotchin is an average mid. We are still not rated by them.


Anyway thought there were some really good positives for us. Chol went well in the ruck and around the ground CEllis played well. Got in and tackled Garthwaite looked like he can play Jack Graham is a superstar in the making Castagna might just take that step up in output. Bolton looked good but needs to get more ball


That’s the most confident , self assured performance by a Richmond team I’ve ever seen.

Yep , EVER !

It was a win for the game itself too , coz I was starting to believe the media and figured we might as well cut through the crap and just call the whole 2018 season off , give Essendon the premiership cup and get it over with.

We totally derailed the unjustified , baffling Essendon hype train.

They’ll be needing a whole lot more of Dank’s gear if they want to come close to competing with those Mighty Tigers


During yesterday’s game hearing the words, “Reigning Premiers” and “the best team in the land” when referring to the Tigers really made me proud to be a Richmond supporter!


There is just so much to be proud of at Richmond at present, best team, best player, best coach(voted), best song, best supporters, best colours, best VFL team, best culture.

Have I missed anything :grinning:


Agreed, I reckon we have gone through that weird thing in sport where a good result makes you a good team and then the confidence just flows.


Not sure if the reigning premier tag automatically entitled a team to be considered the best in the comp, as dumb as that sounds. At no stage in my life have I ever considered the Bulldogs to be the conpetition’s best team despite them winning a flag. Going from 7th to having a sublime finals series then flopping in 2017…yep.

However we went from a third placed finish, to a DOMINANT finals series so it sits a lot more comfortably with The Tigers.


Replay links Q1 http://bponlinewoc6264.ngcdn.telstra.com/sigeo/vod/ingest_aflfilms_vod/2018/02/950845/VOD_Source/2018-02-24_05-29-31-8461/output_2400kbps_720p.mp4 Q2 http://bponlinewoc6264.ngcdn.telstra.com/sigeo/vod/ingest_aflfilms_vod/2018/02/950855/VOD_Source/2018-02-24_06-13-08-5180/output_2400kbps_720p.mp4 Q3 http://bponlinewoc6264.ngcdn.telstra.com/sigeo/vod/ingest_aflfilms_vod/2018/02/950865/VOD_Source/2018-02-24_06-57-12-6898/output_2400kbps_720p.mp4 Q4 http://bponlinewoc6264.ngcdn.telstra.com/sigeo/vod/ingest_aflfilms_vod/2018/02/950868/VOD_Source/2018-02-24_07-21-59-6586/output_2400kbps_720p.mp4


onya @Redhead!


Richmond mojo risin’