JLT 1 Richmond vs Essendon in Wangaratta


It felt weird listening to all the praise of Richmond in general.

Players , coaches , and talk about us being the benchmark in this area and that area of the game etc.

It felt ‘good weird’ though :grinning:


I clearly underestimated the power of delusion when I said we’d derailed the Essendon hype train.

You gotta laugh.

CH9 sports report stated that… ‘An undermanned Essendon have promised to field a much stronger team next week’

And the Herald Sun today opened with… ‘Essendon had a much weaker team on the park and tried some new things’

WTF ??

So we didn’t try any new things ? And who the f**k did they have out ?

Hurley ? Yeh that’s fair enough , who else ? Hooker ? He’s an ok player at best and we lost Astbury ( a far better player than Hooker ) for the second half.

Who else ? Bongchambers ? LMAO ! He’s pox !..and besides , we lost Nankervis in the opening minutes.

Who else ? Colyer or some similar hack ? I dunno , but whoever else was out isn’t half as good as the bloke we had out. Dan Rioli.

The saviours all played , Saad , Stringer and Smith so ?

The Essendon delusion continues to totally baffle me.

They’ve made finals like once in the past 16 years ( or something like that ) yet they’ve regularly been rated as a top 4 premiership contender by the ‘experts’ at the start of each season this millennium.

And the excuses that follow after not meeting those expectations are comical.


Yep !

Best captain , best CEO , best home ground , best home base location , best celebrity supporter ( Mick Malloy ) and importantly…best hair ! ( Trent Cotchin )


@Black if you want to see delusional then head over to Bomberbliz and read their JLT thread from the beginning.

You will need to talk extra beers as you will lose some when you try to drink and laugh at the same time.

Or use one of those seashell baby pool things to catch and reuse the spillage :grin:




we do have to be wary , a big win against a very soft Bombers might let us get ahead of ourselves , especially with a serve or Norf to come

with that touch of caution aside , I still have nightmares at the time we couldn’t win a practice match and are very pleased to see us fly out of the blocks , we clearly are still hungry and we have a relatively settled side , last year they discovered that magic formula of confidence , trust in each other , hunger and personal form and are now teasing us with the prospect it might continue :slight_smile:

I see the light , the club sees the light and no its not a train , its the sun shining of that big piece of silverware

enjoy the ride Y&Bers , enjoy the ride


I’m loving that Graham headed the tackle count


Isn’t it so great that the team has such confidence in themselves that they just play well? It seems like the team is still gelling so well. All of this positive media coverage is confusing me though, very much not the norm.

Bring on Round 1.


Just read through the JLT thread on Bomber Blitz (they have the same software as Ned has given us here).

Did you really read through 1400+ posts of schlock @Gracie? I skimmed it and noticed how it went from how they were going to wipe the floor with us 4 days out to almost turning on each other after we had cast them aside.


Was only 1150ish when l read it. Skipped through most of the pre game. The game and post game comments were some of the funniest l have read.


turns out 4 days before the match they were wiping the floor


I might have to exhume my old Bomberblitz troll from the grave and get stuck into them Gracie ?..in a sly , backhanded way of course , so as not to reveal the true color of my sash.:sunglasses:

I used to have a ball playing with those clowns.

Yep , time to re introduce old ‘Redden’ ( see what I did there ? ) to Bomberblitz.