Konrad Marshall’s book


chapter 16 I’ll never say another cross word about Reece Conca again.


But you’ll say heaps of word searches about him?

Spill! Ms Tantie. xox


Anyone know where he is at with his injury? Will he be able to complete pre season?


Why? What does it say?


Just insights into him as a person (I never knew he was a person, not just a footballer who couldn’t kick).


Only up to Chapter 12 but it is a fabulous read. So many insights, should be required reading for a great many.


Went to the local not for profit book store. The 80year old volunteer took down the details and advised that it should be in the store next Tuesday.

I remain optimistic


Phenomenal book. Get it. Read it.


Just started reading it, only up to chapter 4, but wow, eye opening already…


A review of the book: http://thenewdaily.com.au/sport/afl/2017/11/03/a-season-with-richmond-konrad-marshall/

Seriously though I reckon I will be able to trawl the Tiger websites next year and be able to spot the ones who haven’t read this book.


So you don’t think he’ll play senior footy again? :wink:

Noble character outside of footy though, which is probably what you’re alluding to.


I have ordered and am waiting impatiently. We can have a book club when a few people have read it!


Only if you get a picture. One questionable Gracie from NSW is enough.


A one book club :), there is certainly enough in there to discuss for months to come, until the arrival of the sequel and then the threequel.


My job is in Sydney, otherwise I would be in Melbourne like a shot. I should have put Deadwood too - my workmates and I call ourselves the Deadwood Society because we have a low tolerance for management spin.


I now have a copy of the book too.


Deadwood… can’t say I’ve heard of it but sounds like a good title for A Season with Carlton.


It’s a show on tele about the American west. Worth getting DVDs if you like that sort of thing.


I thought that it was a book originally meant for the 2016 year, but then the author stayed on into 2017? Is that the case?


My understanding is that he was asked by the club not to release it last year and invited to hang around for another season and was promised he could release it this year regardless of how the season turned out.