Konrad Marshall’s book


Maybe they wanted a semi outsider view about how the review changes panned out? It would have been pretty sad to end the book with Round 23 last year, although I get a bit cranky that it is rarely acknowledged that we played some who weren’t ready, just to give them a game and some experience when the result didn’t affect anything.


Up to chapter 5 still pre season 2017, only references back to 2016 so far.


Still waiting on the post. Can’t wait :slight_smile:


I began reading it when the JLT series was being shown in the Tiger-thon. You certainly view it differently with this insider perspective. I’m only half way through, but found the section on Emma Murray fascinating. She’s our new Rudi Webster.


Just finished chapter 10, finished the pre-season comp and went over the leadership program. It sounded better than the popularity contest I felt it was previously.


The book was in stock at the club last week. A new shipment arrived when I was there. I bought 2 - one for the old man’s birthday…


Brought it from one of the Doncaster book shops, also picked up the Bluray version of the GF from the Greens JB. A couple of games into the season now with my book reading, its interesting some of the players highlighted for various things early in the season, eg T Hunt small defenders leadership, were in the VFL side at the end.


Meep Meep the mosquito fleet.

Probably leads to the “Chase, Run” written on Rioli’s wrist in the GF.


Book arrived in the post on Thursday. Just onto Chapter 17 and what a read! And so well written. I agree re Reece Conca - I was tearing up big time about the toll his injuries have taken on him emotionally. And I loved that Cotch was able to talk openly about how the ridiculous question marks on his captaincy annoy/hurt him. Well, he’s got the ultimate answer to those people now - the big shiny thing with the name of the club he captains so brilliantly engraved on it :slight_smile: I also love the team meeting stuff and how the coaches teach - asking the guys to answer questions, rather than talking at them. Soooo enjoying this book!


Book arrived in the post on Wednesday. Just onto Chapter 2 and where are the damn pictures ?


Yay, book has arrived! I had already read my daughters copy, so this one can now stay in mint condition :slight_smile:


OK Finally the book has arrived. Just in time to read when @Ned does his little migration :smiley:


Turned up today. 3 weeks late, but sitting on the doorstep like a lost small forward looking for a home. Come in little fella and join the throng. My Hawk 8 year old grandson was present, and seeing the cover, want’s one for Xmas. He hasn’t read a book more than 104 pages yet, so he got to get through another 300, by then methinks, he will be a convert. Loves Dusty anyway. Chances of rehabilitation are good.


Yes, @terry31 the good book will serve as a 12-step recovery program for wayward souls. [SIZE=16px]Where there’s life there’s hope. :smiley:


Am almost finished and so many things to think over - really amazing book. I loathe business / psych speech, but I found the chapters that talk about mind over matter on the field really interesting. Given all the years we’ve watched talented players get caught up in a sentiment that Richmond will always be a team of ninth-placed nobodies, it was really interesting to see how that thinking can be challenged and that so many players are now fans of ‘thinking training’. In my own workplace, I would give the Emma Murrays of the world a very hard time, but when everyone is bound by a commitment to strive for that cup, it has a different resonance perhaps? Myers Briggs personality tests are a load of bollocks in my view, but maybe mindfulness is something more? Rioli’s ‘chase, run’ came from these sessions, I’m guessing, and he certainly had a cracker. Pity he couldn’t have had ‘protect feet’ as well, poor bugger…


Speaking to people in the know regarding Richmond in the 90’s and noughties, the biggest knock on them was they played selfish footy when the heat was on instead of playing for each other as the top teams did.

It seems a combination of Emma Murray and Triple H addressed and solved these on field issues in a major way in 2017. Add to that Hardwick’s transformation, the addition of Balme, Leppa and Caracella, the new additions to the team, it becomes pretty obvious the stars really did align for the Tigers in a big way resulting in a most surprising Premiership.


I think Dimma has made an amazing difference. There was a tough start but, after a while, we started to be a chance in every game we played. Before he came, watching the footy was tough to take but then it started to be fun again.


I’m almost finished too ! Chapter 2 that is.

The people in the know were wrong.

The biggest knock on the Richmond players of that period was that too many of them were just plain shit !

But hey , it wasn’t their fault they were drafted.


Oh, you have so much fun in front of you! In terms of drafting, there’s so much in what Benny has done. With the finances stable, so come the experts in footy, in data collection, in training facilities. And every club has made horror drafting choices - names you’ve never heard of going 1-10. A Port recruiter tells Conrad they could have got Robbie Gray at Pick 53 but no-one took a punt. The next year, he had improved so much, he was no longer the absolute steal he would have been.


I’ve been made to wait until Christmas, the first time since a GN Dynadrive was under the tree in 1989 that I’ve actually wanted something.

Have to say I’m a bit pissed off with all the spoilers on this site, I feel like I already know how the season is going to finish.