Konrad Marshall’s book


Won’t mention who wins the flag then.




Ooops, sorry. Bit like going to see Titanic the movie…but with a much happier ending…for us, at least.


I’m aiming to finish it before our next premiership. Just so many words !

It’s no Hungry Caterpillar that’s for sure.

Whaddya talkin’ about you girly swot !

No-one was happier than me when that film ended.

Halfway through it I was praying that the filmakers had used some artistic licence , and that very soon we’d see a few german U-Boats zeroing in…armed to the teeth with torpedos !


Haha ! :smiley:

Any cherries on the Dynadrive yet ? Apart from the ones all down the edges of course.


Sort of similar - once we got a point in front of the Crows, I was praying for the siren. Glad my prayers weren’t answered :slight_smile:


Moderated on only your 16th post ?

I like you already Rick.

And I too was calling for the siren when we hit the front , but then I do that every week.


Not sure what that means?


You should know by now that I like to fix broken quotes :wink:


I purchased the book. Riveting reading. Please do not spoil for others. The enjoyment of the book is reading it for the first time. Konrad Marshall is a very good author whom I have always admired as a news features writer. I hope the book wins state and federal literary awards. It could become the defining work of Marshall’s career.


Have just finished it. I’ve not read many sporting books - not really my thing, I thought. Marshall’s book shows how a ‘footy book’ can be interesting, insightful, even inspirational, in equal measure. I am going to deal with my withdrawals by reading Janet McCalman’s Struggletown now. It seems like the thing to do. Thanks, Konrad - awesome job!


Surprise surprise, Oracle gives it the thumbs up. Reckon we should sign Konrad up to do a book every year of Hardwicks contract. That would be 30 books, call them Konradtanica or Sashapedia. Anyway I’m at page 70, feel bad about what I was saying about Cotch, but if he had taken notice of me then, he wouldn’t have had the problems in the first place. Now he is a super man. I helped toughen him up, but I still feel bad.


That’s more than a page a day…the pressure is on.

Unlike the GF, which is just as enjoyable no matter how many times I’ve watched it before.


Finished the book down at PI over the weekend. It had me gripped right until the end to hear how we went in the finals!!


40 feet to go!


I have an exclusive excerpt from @17Sash’s upcoming book: 17Dream.

It was day one of pre-season. The players gathered in the club auditorium and casually chatted about their summer frivolity. Then the senior coach, Damien Hardwick, an imposing figure, entered the room through a side door and strode purposefully to the podium.

it was at that moment I knew we would win the premiership.


I heard it advertised as being available in ‘all good book stores’

Obviously the ones around here are all bad ?

I had to google ‘bookstores’ to start with , and being that I’ve never set foot in one , it was always gonna be an adventure.

However , now that I have to somehow determine the good bookstores from the bad , trying to find this book is turning into the bloody Da Vinci code for me.


An amazing year. My scholarship college St Kevin’s wins inaugural A Grade Amateur premiership too. Coached by Shannon Grant, we dispatched arch-rivals Xavier College. Luke Beveridge, as you know, coached St Bede’s Mentone to three consecutive premierships, C to B to A Grade Premiers, creating history. Beveridge’s ascent last year paved the way for our immortal premiership coach, Damien Hardwick.


Received mine yesterday