Konrad Marshall’s book


It is very well written. Marshall is a quality features writer. It is not one of those ghost-written sports autobiography rush jobs. Take the time to savour and enjoy. We waited 37 years for the ultimate success, 16 years for a finals victory. I was there that miserable night when we were pole-axed by Essendon in 2001, you probably were too.


https://books.slatterymedia.com/store/viewItem/yellow-and-black—a-season-with-richmond Came in the post quickly from the publisher. I tried to order it on the club site but it kept saying I needed to enter an email address and I already had. Not sure what was the problem.


Father Christmas delivered. :grin:

YAY! Ms Tantie. xox


I wonder how many copies have been sold? Should be able to work out how many Tiger supporters can’t read… :thinking: :grin:


Got a great review in the Age last week. Best I have read, 2nd best would be “Tiger Time -The Pictorial Story of the 2017 AFL Premiership”

Brilliant photography, just brilliant. I highly recommend it.

There’s also John Harms’ Tigers Almanac, good but not as good as the other 2.


I got Tiger Time, fantastic photography :slight_smile:


Xmas present lovely photography.


Youngest daughter liked the one of Rance a couple of pages in, I like the cheersquad 2 pager that shows the “Many Beliefs, Many Cultures, ONE TIGER ARMY” banner, sums up our inclusiveness.


Yes the photography’s brilliant isn’t it? A wonderful souvenir to go along with Konrad M’s book. I think the fellow that holds up that banner Crusher has a coffee shop in North Rd, it’s entirely yellow and black I’m told, even the coffee machine. Have been meaning to drop in there for ages. I love the photo of Richmond Town Hall too.


Just finished Yellow and Black it’s a great read and deserves all the good reviews it’s been getting


as to the 90’s and 00’s performances I remember us struggling against North try as hard as we could Wayne Carey would find a way to break the shackles and turn the game we were close but weren’t the complete side and then whisk the ball down field and Richo would miss from dead in front is wasn’t meant to be back then even in those years when we had good sides